Monday, January 26, 2009

I Won and a Tag

Hello!!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I never made it to the movies...this cold just keeps raging then fooling me by thinking it's going away only to reinvent itself and knock me on my butt again! LOL! I'm ok, I just spent a lot of time on the couch.

Look at what I won!!! Just in time for some Valentine's Day inspiration!! Jes of KadyHope had a giveaway and I won! Stop by her blog to see all her cute little cottages that she sells on her etsy! Way cool and way cute!!! Thank you so much JES!!!

I have been tagged by Karen of Ciderantiques to post 6 random things about myself. Now, I love to read these on everyone's blog but now I only hope to have some interesting things to tell you about me...hmmm...

1. I was born with some curls in my hair and then through age 22 I had poker straight hair. That is when I had Radioactive Iodine treatment for Grave's Disease. One of the side effects was thinning hair, when it started growing back it came back CURLY! It is really hard for me to blow it out straight now.

2. I just love Gone With the Wind!

3. I have only lived in Michigan until May 2007, now I spend most of my time in Michigan and a few weeks a year in our apartment in Chicago. Hubby works there now.

4. Up until 2007 I had only been on a plane twice (once in 5th grade and once when I was 29) now I fly at least 4 times a year. (I'm not a fan of flying!)

5. I dream of a house that stays clean...I think I'm too creative for that! They say the sign of a creative person is a not so perfect home! LOL! It's not that my house is horrible it just gets a bit cluttered from time to time! Like right now my crafts are taking over!

6. I am a procrastinator...and I don't like it!

I am suppose to tag others but I say "TAG YOU'RE IT!"

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! I have to finish that baby shower bag before 7 pm (I have procratinated long enough!!!)




April said...

Love that book you won, Kim! Now, you'll have to post about all the great things you've made from it! Hint, hint!:)

I enjoyed reading your list and getting to know you better. I'm a big fan of "Gone With the Wind", too!

Judy said...

Hi Kim, it was fun learning more about you. Don't you envy non procrastinators? Wish I was a little better at getting things done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Congrats on your prize; looks like a good one! I hope you are getting that bag done in time! Feel completely better soon!!! Til later, Jeannette


Hi Kim,
Fun facts about you and I will play this week. I HAD to go to Target and buy more little frames. They are going to be birthday gifts for the few friends that I actually exchange with. I love bargins:) :)

Dawn said...

What a nice gift you won!!! By looking at my house you can tell how creative I am LOL! It's not so perfect around here either ☺

take care,

tincanlily said...

That looks like a great book full of fun ideas. I love the Valentine cards. I also like the $1 bins at Target. The stamp is perfect! I need to make a few cards...better get working, Valentine's Day is around the corner!
Have a wonderful day!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Congratulations on your winning prize. Isn't blogland fun :)

Thanks for playing along and sharing some facts about yourself. We love to learn a bit more about our blogging friends.

I didn't make it to a movie on the weekend either. We have a full month though . . . before the Oscars. Still lots of time!

~ Karen