Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Part 1

Hello! Here is Part 1 of our Saturday....First, Cocoa was feeling left out, so here she is!

Mom, what's so special about that puppy??? She steals my bones!
I took some pics of some flowers...

A pretty Petunia on my porch. Please excuse my frost bitten Sweet Potato Vine : ( I do live in Michigan!

This is a pretty tree in our side yard. I love this tree! So full of purple flowers!

Time to get the veggie garden finished! We have WAY TOO MANY tomatoes to plant this year. Hubby's employer had an organic gardening seminar this week for their wellness program. They gave them tomato plants for attending...he came home with 2 more!!! Yikes! Every year the garden gets bigger...I really may need to have a garage/veggie sale this year!

Adding topsoil and manure (non-stinky sterilized manure)

The trusty Mantis tilling it all up!
That's it for Part 1...Part 2 will be veggie planting and the Detroit Tigers vs. Colorado Rockies and if I remember I bought some treasures at the thrift store on Friday! The Tigers have won 7 straight games!!! WOOHOO!!!
Have a good one! Hugs!

Seriously MOM!

Emma: Seriously Mom, I'd much rather lick the lens or chew on the strap of your camera then pose for pictures for your silly blog! But I told her everyone in blogland would probably like an Emma fix so she reluctantly posed for you all!

Emma: This is as pretty of a sit you're gonna get out of me!

Emma: AGAIN!?! Are you serious, one wasn't enough?

Emma: Now you want me to lay here and stay??? Geez! *Rolls eyes*

Emma: How many more???? Are we almost done here?

Me: I PROMISE this is the last one Emma!
Emma: Ok, mom.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy! Remember our past and present troops! God bless our troops!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend

I have been corrected that the team below is the Oakland Athletics....our tickets said LAA...I stand corrected :-) Thank you... Rechelle : )

Hello! We had a bit longer weekend, hubby worked from home on Friday : ) The weather wasn't the best but we got some things done.

My pictures uploaded backwards but here are some photos of our weekend...

This is Dallas Braden the starting pitcher for Saturday night's game. The Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles Athletics. Where our seats are, we get to watch the opposing team warm up and stretch out. I thought it was cool to get a picture of him to go with the next photo...

One of the opposing teams players came out wearing a warm up jersey with no name on it. He set his things up all so neatly...very picture worthy...I seized the opportunity. When I got home I saw his name was on his mitt. I did get his photo (above) to coordinate with this photo.
The Tigers won thankfully! We were freezing! It was windy and the temps falling, there was quite the windchill! I, luckily, had gloves in my pockets.
The next photo was from earlier in the weekend. Hubby started enlarging the garden, we are suppose to have beautiful weather on Saturday for him to finish : )

A not so attractive photo of the drain at the end of the creek which makes it possible to have houses here. The rest of the creek runs underground and to the right. Looking forward to having the vegetables growing in the ground.
I even managed to work on my stamp/craft room this weekend. I will take pics. There's still more to do but it's a lot further along now. AND today I even made some cards but forgot to take photos but I can give you a mental visual...White cards with black polka dots (from Targets Dollar Spot 15 cards for $2.50), the back of the cards are bright pink. I made monograms like the ones I used for the Mother's Day plants. Tied bright pink ribbon around the middle of the card and topped with the monograms. Easy Peasy! If I make more, I will take a photo!
For all you Michiganders looking for jobs:
~Good Morning America is having a Job Expo tomorrow at Cobo Hall.
~It goes from 6am-10am.
~ Parking and Admission are FREE!!!
~Take lots of resumes, dress to interview and be prepared to network!
~All the companies that will be there are from Michigan and they are hiring!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day!!!



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Picture on Canvas = Room Redo

Morning!!! It's a beautiful day today!!! I'm so glad but tomorrow the storms will arrive. I will take what I can get right now as far as good days go!

I took this photo of my Gerbera Daisy a week or so ago. I just love it! I thought it would look great on canvas. I found a place online that is offering 40% off right now. My dilemma is...I don't really have these colors in my house. BUT I sure do love them! I'm thinking it's time to redo the dining room...this would be the least expensive room to redo...and it would really brighten it up! What color walls do you think??? I am so bad at picking paint colors! HELP!!!

I hope you all are having a great day!!! I am off to the grocery store and I will take the girls out to play in the sunshine later!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!! Hope it was wonderful! We spent Saturday in the yard and saw this mama with her 11 babies down in the creek! Aren't they the sweetest!?!

We have a pair of ducks that come back every year. This year was the first time we got to see the babies. They take off soon after they are born.
Sunday we went to my daughter's bf's parents house to celebrate Mother's Day and 2 birthdays, her bf's and his dad's. It was fun getting to see his family again. I made these flower pokes for the bf's mom's and grandma's flowers. (From my daughter).
So bright and cheery! These little plastic pots are flexible kind of like cupcake holders and they hold the little pots. Too cute!
I am FINALLY starting to feel like my old self and beginning to feel the craft bug biting! I am sooo glad! I was in such a downer funky mood!
Have a wonderful day : D

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello! The graduation was so nice! The day was a mix of sun and clouds, breezy and cool. The ceremony wasn't too long and it went very well. The college up the road, Oakland University, opted for no hand shaking because of the Swine Flu precautions I guess. Rochester College did shake hands with the students which I was glad about. I have a few inside shots, no family pics, call me old fashioned but I am still not 100% comfortable posting pictures of our family. I don't know why that is but here is what I have...

This was a very pretty window inside the church, Rochester Church of Christ.

I could only find a rain cloud on my picture editing program to cover her name. I don't have a sophisticated system. It was not a rainy/gloomy event...a really good one actually...see...she graduated with the highest honors...less than 10% did! Her degree is a major in Science with the emphasis on education. She is now a teacher with a 90 day letter awaiting her state certification in the mail. She starts grad school on Monday already!

In other news, Emma went for her check-up yesterday, yep our vet is open on Sundays! She is now a whopping 29.2 pounds and it does appear she is allergic to grass. They gave us a spray for her feet and special shampoo. Luckily, the allergy doesn't bother her any.
That's all from here...I still need to get a photo of the pumpkins. Have a wonderful day!!!!