Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Day 7/24/10

Morning! Here are the long awaited wedding photos! The day started out rainy and ugly but our son the soon to be meteorologist called for sun and no rain by afternoon. He was right, about an hour before the wedding the skies cleared! It soon heated up to 90+ degrees with 90+ humidity but the day was gorgeous!

The owner of the bridal shop (Piera's Bridal Couture) came by to button her dress. Wasn't that the sweetest?

Her dress photographed so beautifully!

With our kitty, Abby.

Before the wedding in the reception hall. I had wonderful friends who decorated and kept the day rolling smoothly for us. (Please ignore my legs...I do know how to pose better than that. Lol!)

Here comes the bride.

A beautiful wedding!

My daughter came into the reception on her new husband's back. They do this all the time!

He tried to get her but she paid him back!

A view of the back of her dress. The bustle had mostly come untied by this point.

It was an amazing day! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Have a great day! Hugs!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back with pictures!!!

Morning! The wedding is over and it was beautiful! I have to keep you in suspense a bit longer because I got so busy, I never posted the Bachelorette Party photos. The girls had a great time! We had great seats in the SHADE! What a relief that was! We have been having such a HOT summer!

Being dressed as a bride has it's advantages! We got to hang out in places they normally won't let you (after a certain time before the game). Here she is watching the catcher Alex Avila and the pitcher Jeremy Bonderman warm up. The bullpen coach came over to talk to my daughter...he said..."Don't do it!" Lol!

Here is Jeremy Bonderman.

Being Detroit Tiger season ticket holders, we receive tickets for the merry-go-round as a part of our package. I gave one of the bridesmaids the tickets to sneak my daughter off for a ride! It was fun! This is one of the tigers you can ride.

My daughter ended up riding in here with her future sister-in-law because they had short skirts on and couldn't ride side saddle. They still enjoyed it.

I will post wedding festivity pics soon! We are moving very soon too. So many changes in such a short time (less than a week's time!). I hope you have a great day!!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lost Comments

Thank you for all your sweet comments! I am receiving them via email but when I go to moderate them...they are not there! I am soooo sorry...something is up with Blogger.

If you haven't read my last post...check it out! I am receiving them the comments through the email so don't worry...I will at least get to read your comment even if Blogger loses them!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Goody Bags

Hello! Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday weekend!!! We did! Tiger baseball with my hubby on Saturday night, a visit to my parents in Michigan's Thumb yesterday and we cleaned and packed some things for Chicago today.

Before the game on Saturday, I worked on goody bags for my daughter's bachelorette party. I know that the bridal party usually throws the party but everyone wanted to go to the Tiger game for the party and since her girl's are college students...I thought I'd help them out and pay for the goody bags. Everyone is super excited to go on this coming Saturday. My daughter got her bridal party a tote bag with a Tiger shirt inside with orange flip flops to wear to the game. (Tiger colors are navy and orange and white). I got my daughter a Bride t-shirt, a bride hat, veil, orange feather boa and a genuine MLB baseball for autographs. Here's a look at the goody bags...

A shot of my daughter's bag.

In the bags for the everyone...candy bracelets with a candy heart charm, light up LED rings, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, lip gloss and beads in orange and blue to wear to the game.

After the game, the girls are coming back for snacks and cake. Some of the bridesmaids will spend the night, too. I will take pics of the big party day! 

Have a great night!