Monday, January 24, 2011

Hang In There With Me


Please hang in there with me guys!
My daughter and her husband bought a house.
As long as it appraises it's theirs!
This means we will be very busy.
They have been taking care of our home in MI.
So, I will be doing lots of going back and forth
with no internet back in MI.
We need to get the house ready to go up for lease.
A couple of repairs and some paint touch ups
and a uber good cleaning.
Not to mention,
purging some more things and packing up the rest.
We got a storage room yesterday here in Chicagoland.
The process begins!

Of course now this means it's time to decide on a
home here in Chicagoland.
It's looking like Elgin, Illinois.
We shall see what God has planned!

I will be posting here and there
and visiting too!
I just don't think I'll have much time to think
about crafting much.

Hang in there, please!

Have a great day!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Romantic Valentine Candle

So sorry it has taken me sooo long to post!
Fibromyalgia tends to kick my butt after vacationing.
What I plan in my head doesn't always happen...
so I adjust...
A few days of couch time and Emma cuddle time
seems to have helped a lot!
I started feeling better yesterday so
I pulled out a project.

I bought an emergency candle one day while grocery shopping,
knowing I could pretty it up one day.
I saw these pretty doilies on Michelle of Mish Mash's etsy,
and she mailed them out real quick! Thanks Michelle!
This is what I came up with...

I took some Modge Podge and adhered the doily to the candle.
Then I took some vellum and stamped the heart on, cut it out and
used Modge Podge to adhere it to the doily.
I had some sparkly silver hearts so I added that.

It looked like it still needed a little something.
So I added the pink ribbon.
Lookin' good!

Here it is on the shelf.
Pretty and romantic.
Not to mention inexpensive!

Today, I'm feeling way better and have been cleaning.
I have some more things up my sleeve,
hopefully, I can get to them soon!

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Hope you have a great day!
 It's gloomy and freezing in Chicago!
How many days till Spring???


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bay Lake Tower at Disney

Time to get back to normal
but before that happens...

Here are a few pics of where we stayed at Disney.

This is Bay Lake Tower at Disney's
Contemporary Resort.
This is our home with the Disney Vacation Club.
It's beautiful and oh so roomy!
We had a 2 bedroom that had 3 full baths and a full kitchen!
Our son came down from Oklahoma for the stay.
My parents came for an overnight stay.
We had sooo much room! : )

This is a chandelier in the lobby.
Very pretty!

Here is Mickey.
He's outside of the Contemporary
near the boat ramps.

It was a great stay!
The food is at the Contemporary,
some of the best food we've had at Disney!
They have 2 wonderful gift shops too!
We can, also, grab the monorail for Magic Kingdom
and Epcot from here.

It was a lovely time,
even though the weather could have been better.
At least it was warmer than Chicago!

Now it's time to get back to normal.
Tomorrow I will start crafting again!

Have a great day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Back in Chicago, Heading to MI

We are back from Disney!
We had a great time with our son
and my parents joined us for an overnight visit.
It was pretty darn cold in Florida!
I'm so glad I packed a wool sweater, gloves and a scarf!
People were buying lots of warm Mickey Gear including
winter jackets!
We did end up with 2 warm-ish days : )

We returned to no television or internet service.
I spent the day yesterday waiting for repairmen.
The first set couldn't fix it because they
determined the problem was in the line.
So, the linemen came out and took care of things.
So glad to be reconnected to the world!

Tonight we are headed to MI.
I have a baby shower to attend.
So, when we get back after the weekend,
I plan to get back to normal.
I still have craft ideas spinning in
my head.
They want OUT!
Looking forward to being creative next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.
As you may be able to tell by the teacup...
I'm enjoying lots of hot tea to stay warm!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Soon I'll be posting Valentine's Day cards,
which are still in my head.
I've been fighting a tummy bug
and trying to get back to post holiday "normal".

Hubby brought in the boxes from storage
so that I can finally put everything away!
I'm ready to get this place back to some sort of normal.

I hope to be making some cards tomorrow if
I can get the packing done for our vacation.
We leave on Friday for Disney again.
Hubby planned to run the Disney Marathon with our son.
However, hubby has been diagnosed with asthma and it kicked his butt.
He came down with bronchitis soon after so there went training.
Our son had a serious stress fracture in his leg
and it has been causing him issues so there went his training.
We plan to relax instead now.
Looking forward to the warm weather and sunshine!

So, if I don't get to those cards...
I will be back late next week with a card or two!

Have a great day!


Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Back with an Discount! : )

Happy New Year!!!
I'm really hoping for a great 2011!
It would be great if things started
getting back to our normal...
or at least show a progression toward that!

That's where comes in!
They contacted me over the holidays
and I am more than happy to do a
post about them.

I have used in the past.
That was when we still lived in MI.
I bought a great copper bird feeder from their site.

Now, we are hoping
to buy a new home soon!
Fingers and toesies crossed
and oodles of prayers!
If our prayers are answered
with a yes, buy a home...
we will be needing a few things
like this...

and these...

and of course on of these...

Area Rugs

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Have a wonderful day!!!