Monday, August 29, 2011

Inspirational Photos


I had a chance to take
a bunch of pictures over
the weekend and it
hit me...
some of these would be
great for inpirational quotes.

Here are the 4 I've done
so far...

One of my most favorite Bible verses.
A friend of mine gave this quote to me
to pray on while we were going through
a job-loss years ago.

I love this quote from Pinnochio.

Same path different quote,
from Pocahontas and
I took most of the color out.

This one is a quote from Mulan.

Later today or tomorrow,
I will be picking up a couple of
prints I made with these.
(Please don't use these prints
without my permission--Thanks!)

Hope you're having a great day!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wet Nose

I am back!!!
What a week, last week!

Saturday, bright and early...
we packed the dogs up and
drove to our favorite pet store...

We went to the Geneva, IL location.
On Saturday they were having a
birthday party in honor of their dog,
Lily, who was turning 12.
Lily was the inspiration behind
the owners opening Wet Nose.

I'd say they are more of a pet boutique
than a "pet store".
All of my dogs favorite treats come
from here.
They include:  Yak's milk, bully sticks and deer antlers.

The displays are to die for!!!

I picked up a leopard print dog food can with
my 25% off coupon.

Here we are back home,
happy and exhausted!
The line in the store wrapped around the entire store!
See the hot pink tote bag?
That is our swag bag for being the first 50 (I believe)
customers to spend X amount.
(Let's just say, our snacks for 3 months and
Christmas list has been checked off.)

In the swag bag...
3 toys and tons of treats!
The bag was worth $75!!

Now my dogs have a new favorite snack:


thanks to the swag bag!


Hope you had a great weekend!!!


Friday, August 26, 2011


life rearranged

I'm linking up with Jeannett,
again, this week.
I really love this Iphone App!

Here we go!!

We are on a eat healthier get healthier plan.
I decided we need more vegetables and less
of everything else.
I cut up some sweet potatoes and
tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper.
Baked them at 375 for 20 minutes and then
turned the heat up to 400 for 10 minutes
to make them crispier.

They turned out soooo good!!!

So I lied a little!
We decided to try the Italian Beef place
on the corner. (Not exactly healthy)
They were recommended by the Hungry Hound
on our local ABC station but...
I would not recommend them.

 The peppers were way too hot,
even for my hubs liking.
He loves hot food.
The restaurant was a little stinky
when we walked in...ick.
I will stick with Buona Beef or Portillos.

I sent in for a free sample offer of Duck Tape.
I received this large sample yesterday.
Hot pink and black zebra stripes!
This is perfect!
Starting next week I am sending my sister in law
a small package a week, counting down
our last 10 weeks until our Disney vacation.
We are going on the Wild Africa Trek at
Animal Kingdom and she is thrilled!
So zebra stripes will make these
packages all prettied up in
anticipation of seeing zebras!

I know I said I'd post again yesterday...
well as the rest of the week went...
things did not go as planned!

I will try to get back on track!

Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello all!

I will be posting later today.
This week has not gone at all
as planned.

We've already been to
one funeral and have
one to go.
A co-worker of my hubs
passed sad...
such a great guy.
Cancer stinks!
Tomorrow's funeral is
for another of his
co-workers mom.
Cancer stinks!

Yesterday I went to WI,
A co-worker,
of my hubs, wife
asked me to go with
her to one of the plants
employee appreciation luncheon.
Her hubs is General Manager there.
So we packed up her 3 month old
grandson and headed north.
7 hours of driving for me...
wore me out!
We met our hubs there and
enjoyed some good food
and nice employees of
our hubs.

So...2 days out of the state
and one day  (tomorrow)
headed on an Illinois road trip
for the funeral equals a busy,
worn out me!

Once again, no crafting has been done.
No What I Wore Wednesday.
However, I do have a post for
today and possibly tomorrow or
Saturday. Yay!

Hope you're all having a great week!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Date Night~The Help


August 18th was our 27th anniversary!
We celebrated that night at a
restaurant called Wildfire,
in Schaumburg, IL.

Tonight we continued the celebration.
There wasn't enough time last night
to go out to a nice dinner and a
7 pm show.

We went to see The Help!!!
I am only about 50 pages
away from finishing the book.
I give the book 5 stars!

Inside the lobby of the theater,
waiting to get our popcorn and cola.
Pretty ceiling border.

A shot of our tickets while
we wait to enter the theatre.

The Help was great!
I loved it!
I laughed, I cried and was
sorry to see it end.
I love Skeeter's hair!
It's the same as mine when I
let it go natural!
I think I will tomorrow,
in honor of Skeeter!

If you haven't seen it yet...
head on over to the theatre
this weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone!



life rearranged

Hi there!
I'm linking up with Jeannet over at

Steely Dan concert at Ravinia.

I decided to invest in some quality
nail polish and try to do my own manicure.
Left:  OPI Bubblegum
Right:  Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

I did my own fingernails,
(I used the Bubblegum)
saving me $50.
They look just as nice
as the last time I went
to the Aveda Salon.
I still need to attempt my toes.
I need hubs to be home for that
so he can entertain the puppy!

There you have it!
Hope you have a great weekend,
not much on our agenda.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ravinia-Steely Dan


Saturday we had the chance to
go to the Ravinia Festival.
Steely Dan was the band there.
All day it had been raining and
storming on and off.

I was very hesitant about going
with iffy weather.
The reason...
lawn seats!
I took one for the team,
8 of us packed our coolers,
chairs, blankets, umbrellas
and candles.

Waiting to enter the gates.
Rain clouds all around but we're pushing on.
Those are all strangers to me in the above pic.

Making the best of it and
praying for no rain...
I took a picture of the pretty

We all ran in when the gates opened to
claim our prime spots.
We sent up our temporary camp.
Looking at the sky,
I know we are in trouble!
It rained some during our picnic.
Just an annoying rain.

I sucked it up,
even though I am not a get wet
kind of girl!
Here's a pic of the pretty and delicious fruit plate.

Wine to ease the nerves of
possible rain/storms.

As the sun went down,
candles were lit.
The rain was holding off!
Some more wine was drunk/drank.

just before...
Then I felt rain going down the
back of my pants!
Not a camper, not a sit in the rain girl!

Steely Dan didn't even play anything popular until
we packed everything up when the rain
died down to a drizzle and
started walking to our car.

I sat on a towel on the way home.
Drenched like a rat!
Did I already say...
I'm not a sit in the rain kind of girl???

So yeah...
Today is hubs and my
27th anniversary.
He's the kind of man who remembers to
make the reservations!
(LOL, have you seen that commercial?)
Going for a nice dinner in a pretty
dress on a pretty and DRY day.
Tomorrow the celebration continues
as we go to see The Help.

Hope you all have a great day!!