Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time For a Spring Bag!


Well, it's official...
it has been the 2nd snowiest February
in Chicago history.
Of course it is...
because I moved here!
Sooo tired of the snow!
Now we are keeping our fingers crossed
that the snowstorm forming, for Thursday,
heads SOUTH of us!!!

Playing with Polyvore though,
has helped me think about
what to do with my wardrobe this spring.
Here is a clutch bag that I thought
would go well with some of the things I
currently own...

It's very light weight.
Made out of linen and lined with a satin material.
It's large enough to tuck in a cell phone,
a small wallet and lipstick.

I dressed it up a bit with some vintage buttons.
Very much me!
It took a little bit to do because I hid the stitches
between the layers of linen and satin.
So the inside is still pretty! : )

Here is Emma...
she's looking at me with the face that says...
"Are you done yet Mom? I wanna cuddle on the couch now, pwease."
Who can resist this face and a gloomy day?
Not me!

Have a wonderful day!!!
 I'll be cuddling on the couch with ha very content bully!


Friday, February 18, 2011

My Spring Vision on Polyvore

Oh how fun
Polyvore.com is!!!!

Thank you, Denise from
Look Beyond the Picket Fence 
for introdcuing me to this site!

Here's my vision of spring!


Give it a try!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiting For Spring Posie Bag

Today is a warm day in Chicagoland,
just wish it wasn't a gloomy one, too!
It really has me thinking Spring though!

I'm really hooked on making these posies!

Pretty floral with a vintage button.

I thought it would look great on a bag I found
online while looking for wedding things
last year.

I just attached it through a loop on the handle between 2 fasteners.

I think it looks very springy!
I think, I'll take it to Memphis
this April!

Just a closeup view.

I'm still contemplating
opening an Etsy shop.
I think I'll look into it more.
What do you think?

Hope you're all having a great day!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day With Coke and Posies!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Last night, hubs and I
went to a French restaurant,
in Barrington, IL, called
L'Eiffel Bistrot.
We ordered our ususal,
Coke for me, Diet Coke for him
Lookie how they brought them....

These are the cutest little bottles made out of metal.
They really say Valentine's Day to me!
I asked if I could take them home,
our waitress said that she is asked
this all the time!

I wanted to make a friend of mine here
a little something for showing me around
our new area.
She made me a list of places
she knew we would need,
like the vet with phone number
and address.
THEN she drove me around to show me
where everything on the list is located!
How sweet is that!?!
She even showed me where
the Bald Eagles fly and fish!
Cannot wait to go back!

This is what I made for her...

A Lavendar heart sachet made from
wool felt and vintage buttons.

I saved this cute envelope from
Anthropologie. (They put my receipt in here
when I ordered online).
Love it!
It's even lined in the prettiest blue!

To dress it up,
I made a cute little posie pin
with vintage button.

This was the first posie
I ever made!
I'm hooked!
So cute, so easy!

Tonight we are just staying in and relaxing.
I'll watch The Bachelor and hubs
will read his new book.
Emma will cuddle in between us.
We'll eat a chocolate covered
graham cracker from the cutest
little chocolate shop in Barrington.
I will take pics there soon and share!
What a cute store!

I'm linking up...


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Enjoy your Valentine's Day with the ones you love!!!
Love to you all my bloggy friends!!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicago Blizzard 2011

Well, we survived the Blizzard of 2011.
This was the 3rd largest snowfall in Chicago history.
Here in Arlington Heights we got 22 inches.
It was pretty scary at times,
the wind gust of 60 mph made the windows bow in and out.
The howling of the wind scared Emma big time.
The thunder snow was incredible!
The lightening lit the sky up in blue and greens.
I don't think I need to experience this again.
The roads yesterday were still only one lane in each direction.
It usually takes my husband 15 minutes to get home from work
but yesterday it took an hour and a half!

The day before the storm,
back in MI,
my daughter was driving to work...

This is what happens when a contracted snow plower
drives after being up all night.
He turned left in front of my daughter
and with all the traffic she could go no where
but into him.
He got 3 tickets!
She got a very stiff neck, body aches everywhere
and a sprained wrist.
Fortunately, her back is ok.
She has been recovering from a broken back.
Today is her first day back to work and she's scared to drive.
Can't blame her!

This is what happens in Chicagoland when you get a blizzard...

My husband was fortunate to get home before traffic got too bad.
Some were not so lucky,
thousands were stranded overnight on Lake Shore Drive in
downtown Chicago.

This is the apartment across from us.

This is outside the back door of our building.

We were fortunate that our complex did snowblow our walk
and made a one car wide path for emergencies.

So much snow to eat!

Right in front of our apartment.
I was watching that tree blowing all night,
hoping it would stay standing!

Yes, please stop!
We don't need any more snow!
We need spring and warm weather!

Headed to Michigan to pack up part of the house
and to help my daughter and son in law clean.
He's busy working and going to school full time.
The doctor has her resting.
She's not suppose to work but
this is her first year
and wants her job next year!

Hope you all are surviving these cold winter days!