Friday, August 28, 2009

More on the Apartment

Hello! Sorry, this was suppose to get done yesterday! It has just been one headache (literally) after another and now the fibromyalgia is showing it's ugly head. But enough of that! Here are a couple close ups of the apartment makeover. This whole makover was done on the cheap. The wall hanging is from Bed Bath and Beyond...this was the most expensive piece...with a coupon it came to $40-ish.

Here you see an amber bowl. I picked this up when I was shopping, with Michelle from Treasure the Moment, at the Salvation Army. I think it cost $5. The picture frame I had and the tall glass apothecary I found on clearance for $7 at Marshall's. I still need to find some filler for it.
This pitcher I, also, found on clearance at Marshall's for only $3!!! Couldn't beat the price!

I will be posting more pictures from our trip soon. I'm off to pull my lunch out of the oven. Have a great day! It's really fall like here...62 degrees and rain...yuck!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Back With Apartment Pictures!!!

Morning!!! I'm back from Chicago and I bring apartment pictures with me!!! I would have posted sooner, this week, but I've had migraines all week. I don't know what's up with that! Onto the pictures!

The dining area hutch before.

The hutch after! We did move the wall hanging up a bit higher after taking this picture. I have closeup photos to show you tomorrow.

The kitchen above the sink before.

After! So much better. Sorry about the glare. The weather wasn't cooperating for pretty pictures.
It was fun making over the place. Now it feels so nice to walk in and see such pretties! :-)
Thank you all for your sweet comments about Cocoa. It's getting easier but we sure do miss her around here! You are all soooo wonderful!!! Thank you again!!!
Have a great day and I'll post some close-ups tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sad News

Morning! I have sad news...last Wednesday our Cocoa passed away. She had been diagnosed with cancer in December and given 6-8 weeks to live but she made it almost 8 months! She fought a good fight with only maybe 7 really sick days over the last 2 months. Tuesday she spent the day running, playing, barking, eating and plain old enjoying life! I won't go into the details of Wednesday but it wasn't good...she passed away at home, which I am happy about. She waited to pass away until my daughter had left to apply for a job and I had gone to get a neighbor to help me. She was the best dog! We are all incredibly sad! We will miss you Cocoa!

In other son is home for a week from Oklahoma! He has lots of plans, of course! He is going to re-mulch for me though! :-) My daughter has an interview at a Detroit charter school on Thursday...she is excited! Hopefully, she will get the would be good experience.

Next week is our 25th wedding anniversary so we have lots of things planned to do in Chicago. I will be taking lots of pics to show you plus before and afters of our apartment...I've been picking up things to make it feel more like home. When we first got the apartment we didn't plan to do much with it because we thought our house would sell and we'd permanently move to Chicago. The economy has made that very difficult so now it's time to make the apartment our home away from home. I love the things I've found and can't wait to see them all in place!

Hope you all are enjoying the last weeks of summer...our pumpkins are almost all orange and the leaves are starting to change here!