Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Award and the Yo-Yo Returns!

Good afternoon ladies!!! I have an award to share and some yo-yo projects! Yes the yo-yo's live on! First off, this sweet award from a very sweet friend, Angie of Sandals and Daisies. If you haven't been to her blog, head on over! She is so sweet and loving and has a wonderful family. We have become really good friends over the past few months...hugs to you Angie!

I pass this award on to all of blogging friends! You have all been so wonderful to me with all that has been going on these last few months! I am so blessed to have met such wonderful ladies! Some of whom I've gotten to know more personally through emails and such. Love you guys!
Next up, the Yo-Yo lives! I think I will always be making yo-yo's! I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop. What do you think? My first project to show you are some gloves...


The gloves were quick and easy and look really cute on! I always have a pair of these type of gloves in my pocket! I even took a pair to Florida in 2004 when I was going on a cruise. It was sooo cold there, which we didn't expect and neither did a lot of others waiting in line to board! Everyone was asking where I got gloves!
Next, I saw a scarf at Anthropolgie when I was in Chicago. I loved it so much but I didn't love the $68 price tag! It was a short scarf that snapped around the neck. This is my rendition...I would do a few things differently if I were to make one again but I'm happy with it...especially the less than $10 price tag!
Vanna White's yarn from Michael's on sale! Fat quarter bundle from Joann's (I used a 40% off coupon). I have a bunch of fabric left so I may be making a yo-yo bag soon!

Oops, the corner tucked under. The green isn't showing up as vibrant as it really is. I tried color adjusting it but it didn't work very well. I'm loving these bright colors and it goes so well with my lime green Columbia Jacket (on clearance this summer for $40!!!! Saved $160!!! at Dick's Sporting Goods...gotta love a bargain!!!)

I hope you all are staying warm! It sure was cold this morning...-9! (Without the windchill) At least I'm not in Minnesota or the other colder states! Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!


Pink Slippers said...

Congratulations on your award. And cute yo-yo ideas. Stepping out with the yo-yos is great.

Michelle said...

I followed your blog just because of the Yo-Yo thingy! I am in love with them right now! hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I hope your daughter got home ok last night and was surprised by the sewing machine!!! I love the yo-yo idea on the gloves and scarf! Looks so coool!!! I'm loving these shorter scarfs and I don't remember if I told you already but there is a great pattern in last month's Martha Stewart Living! I've made 2 and am getting ready for a third! Glad you had time to do something fun and we are sharing the cold temps now!!! I went to Michaels today and was freezing!!! But not too cold to shop!lol Have a great night - Sincerely, Jeannette

tincanlily said...

You know I love the yoyos! Great ideas! I really like the scarf! I love looking at the Anthropolgie catalogs! The prices, not so much!

Anonymous said...

That scarf is fabulous! The colors are perfect together.

Dawn said...

I love what you did with the yo-yo's. I will have to remember that one. I forgot to use the yo-yo angels I made this summer at Christmas time!

I also like the scarf. I've made about seven neck warmers in the last two months. I like the yo-yo idea on that at well.

Stay warm!

take care,


Those are cute and unique!!!

Warm blessings,

Anonymous said...

What in the world?! It's like 70 degrees here! Wacky weather :)

LOVE the are too talented :)


Hi Kim,
Great ideas with the yo-yo's and GO FOR IT...that's what I'm trying to do this year...:) :) It was in the low 20's today, a regular "heat wave"...
Having computer problems, won't let me up load I'm reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Great award to a great blogger!

I love the gloves with Yo-Yos and the wonderful scarf you made!!! Keep up the wonderful creative work! Dana

Anonymous said...

I Love the mittens and scarf!! How clever to make your own yo yos! You ahve been busy over here!

Lynn said...

Your scarf is really cute. I love the green! This is my first time visiting; I came via sincerely yours, Jeannette's.


It seems that everything is better with yo-yos!

Anonymous said...

-9!!!! Yikes that's cold! It was 70 here today! I don't even think winter has come to California this year! Stay warm!

jet1960 said...

You know I love the yo-yo's! Putting them on the gloves, great idea and the scarf is marvelous! I think it is a great idea to try Etsy and good luck!

Barb said...

Hi Kim,

Happy New Year to you. I love the treasures you have made. Beautiful my friend.

I have enjoyed getting to know you and hope to stop by more in 2009.


Rue said...

Hi Kim :)

Thank you so much for your visit!

I love the gloves and scarf. I really need to learn how to knit :)


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Kim, I love the gloves and scarf! I still have a big pile of yoyo's I haven't done anything with.

April said...

Hi Kim...

So happy you dropped by my're welcome anytime! I've added you to my blogroll...hope that's ok. I enjoyed reading your posts and I will be back soon! Have a great evening!