Friday, July 29, 2011


I am linking up today with
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Summer via Instagram

Our son came in June and we hit golf balls.

Fannie and Emma with Daddy.

Me at the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, IL.

When our son was home, we stopped at
one of Chicagoland's top donut shoppes...
Spunky Dunkers, Palatine, IL.

Sunset on the Fourth of July in Port Austin, MI.

life rearranged

What a fun linky party!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
I'll have the kitchen furniture pics, next time!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For The Family Room


Pretty quickly I will run out of things to show you,
for the townhouse.
Today, I can show you 2 pieces that I ordered
for the family room...

Arhaus is the name of a great furniture store
in Barrington, IL. They use a lot of recycled
wood to make their furniture.
This cart table is made from old carts
used in a textile factory to take
textile to the trains. The wheels are
from the carts, the wood is from
the floor of the warehouse.
Each one is unique, I love it!
To see a better pic, click on Arhaus above.

This 3 tiered basket will be going in a little nook between
the family room and kitchen.
It is another favorite of mine!

I ordered kitchen furniture too,
I will show you that tomorrow.

Nothing else happening around here.
It's just plain hot but not as hot as the
middle of the country where our son is.
Emma, our bulldog, is anxious for
cooler weather so she can play outside!
Which reminds me,
I need to take new photos of the dogs to show you!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Like I said, yesterday,
I've been doing things
for the townhouse to
make it seem like this
is really happening!
We signed the paperwork
back in December and we
expected to be in the midst of
construction by now.
That is not the case, unfortunately.
So...I look for new furnishings for
our new place.

I really wanted to have the rugs
in hand so that when we do
move we can lay them right away.

Here are 2 of the 3.
I couldn't find a good pic
of the third one.

 I found this rug at Home Depot.
This one will go in the dining room.
I like the light background because our
wood floors are dark.
The third rug came from the Depot too.
It will go in the living room.

This rug is from Pottery Barn
I love the soft feel of this rug under foot!
This rug will see the most activity
since it will be in the family room.

Now we can build up from here with furniture
and such. I have already bought a few
pieces and the furniture store is being very
gracious and holding everything in their
warehouse until we move in.
I will post those next time!

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Townhouse Fixture Choices


It is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R
for Toll Brothers to sell
the third needed townhouse in our building
so they can start digging and construction.
I keep telling myself it will happen in
God's time not mine but
I struggle with that...sadly!
The apartment is just soooo small!
I miss my own laundry room...
I get the heebee jeebies sharing with
the whole apartment complex!
I have to keep myself from thinking about
bedbugs and other creepy crawly things.

Thank goodness there are some things that
I can do to keep my dream alive...
last week I got to pick lighting,
faucets and knobs.
We decide on oiled rubbed bronze.
I love the Tuscan/Vintage feel.
Here is what I chose...

This faucet goes in the guest bath and half bath.

This shower head will be in both the
master bath and half bath.

I chose this faucet for the master bath because
my hubs likes the one handle for controlling water temp
better than the 2 handle. The bottom plate
will not be on the faucet to help this faucet
blend with shower head. They are 2 different brands.
I think it will work.

These are the drawer pulls for all the entire house.
They are faced in the wrong direction on the sample,
they actually face down so your fingers go in the open space.

These are the cabinet knobs for the entire house.
In the kitchen, I hope to find some vintage glass ones.
I love the ones at Anthropology but the screws on those are
WAY too long!

This is the kitchen faucet.

This is the lighting for the guest bath.
There will be one over each sink.

This is the light fixture for the master,
one over each sink.

Everything will be in oil rubbed bronze,
these are just the sample styles.

I am beyond excited to finally get going!
I did buy the rugs for the first floor.
I wanted to be sure to have them for
when we do move in.
I found what I knew I love and
got them, in fear that style will
change before Toll Brothers gets going!
(Yes, I know, we are blessed and I need to learn patience!)

Hope you are all having a great day!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday and Anniversary Weekend

We headed home to Michigan this past weekend.
Hubs mom turns 80 today!
We all took her to her favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden.
I asked my girlfriend to bake her famous chocolate cake,
which happens to be a favorite of mom's.

My girlfriend does make the best cakes!
She is the one who made my daughter's wedding cake
and all the cake centerpieces for the wedding.

Last week, I saw this sewing machine at Costco
for only $129.99!!!
So, being that I am feeling very craft deprived
with all my things stored away...
I had to have it!!!

It works great!
I love it!

I've been seeing tablecloths
made of bandannas all
over blog world.
I thought it would be a great anniversary gift
for our daughter and son-in-laws,
1st anniversary!

I used the colors from their wedding.
This is not the best pic of it!
It's really big for their outdoor table.
I couldn't get a good shot and
it's really wrinkled from all
the handling over the weekend.

We had a great time in Michigan.
I saw 2 of my good friends.
I miss my friends so much!!!
Now we don't head back for
6 weeks! The longest stretch
in a year!
But, I will see a lot of friends then,
my girlfriend's daughter is getting married!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!
Enjoy your Monday!


Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Chicago

Long time no blog!
I'm back, I hope for a good while this time.
This was going to be a crafty post but a big black
storm rolled in with lightening super close and
thunder super loud!
So...not a good day for taking pictures : (

Here's a little bit of Chicago for you...

Our son came in for a visit in June.
He and I had one day to fill on our own.
We decided to take the train downtown
Sooo much fun!!!

Here we are on top of the bus!
The tour guides are always funny
and you always learn some new
Chicago fact every tour.
I've taken it twice and highly recommend it!

This is heading into the financial district.
Did you know that more money is
traded here than in New York!?!

This is the Bean in Millennium Park.
It really is impressive and so shiny!

Sorry for the unedited photos.
Gotta get back into the swing of things.

Not  a whole lot else happening.
Still waiting and waiting for
Toll Brother's to start building
our townhouse, ugh!

I will be back, Monday,
with another post!
Go me!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Have a great weekend!!!