Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday was SOOO much FUN!!!

I just had to write a post about my Monday! It was the best day!!! I got to meet a fellow blogging friend for lunch, Michelle from Treasure the Moment! Let me tell you...this is one sweet lady!

We met up at a Cracker Barrel about an hour from me and it was just like meeting up with an old friend! She brought me a wonderful basket of yummy soaps, candles, shells, a pretty milk glass dish and on and on! She really spoiled me, I'll tell ya! We decided to postpone the lunch and head out shopping!!! We headed out to find the Home Goods store in the area, which we did end up finding with a quick phone call to my daughter! The store was huge! I thought the one by me was big but this one made it look so small! There were so many treasures to pick up and admire. We both showed great restraint and only "eye shopped"! From there we found, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Michael's. Could it get any better!?! Of Course!!! Michelle asked an employee at Bed Bath and Beyond if there was a thrift store near by and SCORE there was!!! Just down the road from the Cracker Barrel is a Salvation Army! And just let me say, I didn't just "eye shop" there...I ended up finding some things that I really needed for our apartment in Chicago and quite a bit of it was 50% off!

From there we headed back to Cracker Barrel for our late lunch and it was so nice and quiet there for lots of girl talk! I had sooo much fun getting to know Michelle in real life! We have a lot in common. I'm really excited because I will be able to visit Michelle this fall since my daughter has to be in her area twice a week! I will just carpool with Courtney and visit with Michelle! :-) Maybe I'll even get to visit her Goodwill since the one in my area is pretty far away, I don't often get the chance to go.

Let me tell you, I'm not doing our day justice in this really was an amazing day and the 6 hours we spent together just FLEW by! I cannot wait to get together again! Thank you sooo much for meeting me in real life, Michelle!!! :-D

Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Berry Swap

Hello!!! Sorry it has been a while...just life being busy and keeping me away. Yesterday, I received a package! I participated in a Summer Berry Swap and our hostess is Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers and here is what I received from my partner Tammy at Home in Virginia...she did a great job!

Tammy makes rag dolls and she made me my very own. What a sweet little berry dress!

Tammy makes candles tarts and soaps too! Sorry for the awkward photo, I had a hard time getting all this in!

I am fairly certain that she has received my package. Sooo...this is part of what I sent to her...
A yo-yo covered pin cushion with a strawberry button to top it off.

This strawberry on the jar ( a bit hard to see) was part of the sneak peek! I filled the jar with cherry licorice bites.

This is a favorite of mine and another part of the sneak peek. I found a t-shirt at Target on clearance for $1.25 and cut the flag off and inserted it into this blue frame!

A closer look at the strawberries. I sent one of these to Tammy (on the jar).
Hope she enjoyed her package! Swapping is fun!
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Sneak Peek and the Chair

Morning!!! Ready for another sneak peek of my soon to be mailed swap box???? This time it's blue! No hiding the fact that those are blueberries!!!

I don't know why this picture appears to grainy. Hmmm...maybe from being cropped.
Here is the chair that use to be my great-grandmothers. It looks so nice in my foyer! Nanny would've been 110 this year and when I turned the chair over I found that it was stamped 110!!!!!!! How weird is that!?! It may look like an ordinary chair but it's special to me!

How should I dress her up??? Glad I'm going to the flea market on Sunday!
I am off to enjoy the warm weather, tomorrow a cold front blows on through from Canada. Saturday is only going to be 68 degrees! Someone forgot to flip Mother Nature's calendar to June. It has been unseasonably cool this whole spring/summer! Not good for the garden which is poking along!
Have a great day!!!

Berry Swappin' on the Brain!

Hello!!! I have been working on my partner's box for the Summer Berry Swap hosted by Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers. Here's a sneak peek! These are so fun to make and adorable...hope Tammy at Home in Virginia likes it!!! This has been a fun swap to prepare!

Just a peek!
Today, my parents brought me a chair that had belonged to my great-grandmother. I will post a pic soon! I'm really excited to have something of hers, I loved her house and all her treasures! I need to figure out how to accessorize it now! (darn! lol)
Hope you are all having a great day!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrift Store Finds and Garden Pics

Hello!!! I felt the need to hit the thrift store today and I'm glad I did!!! I found the cutest hand painted daisy picture for $3, a salt shaker for 29 cents and a milk glass sugar and creamer set for 58 cents. They are all so cute! I had been striking out the last few times I had gone thrifting but had fun today!

Everything all together.
(Click to enlarge)
A close-up of the daisy print. I may spray paint the frame black.

An even closer shot so you can see the painting detail.
(Click to enlarge)

The salt shaker has a plastic yellow top and the glass is greenish, it says China on the bottom. I thought it would be cute filled with white and yellow buttons. :-)

A close-up of the the cream and sugar set. They are rimmed in gold. I'm not usually a gold person but I really do like these!
Here is a picture of how the garden is coming can mostly see the pumpkin plants. I will have to take a pic of the other side soon!
There are 6 pumpkin plants and it looks like we will have a good number of
pumpkins again this year.
Ok, I am off to craft. I have some things to make for the Berry Swap. Hope you're all having a great day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Winner and My Week Away

Morning!!!! Thank you to all who entered my giveaway and for sticking with me this past year through my blog fogs and all!!! I love hearing from all of you!!! The WINNER of my giveaway is....DAWN of Dawn's Daybreak!!!! Email ( me your address Dawn and the bag will be on it's way! CONGRATULATIONS DAWN!!!!

This last week I got to get away with hubby whom I don't see very often! I have a photo week in review...
Emma and Cocoa sound asleep on the drive to our Chicago apartment. Poor Cocoa was really sick again but she is doing much better now!

This is my favorite restaurant when we head downtown! Yummy food and it's beautiful inside!

The pretty colored walls and lighting inside Uncle Julio's. I forgot to take a picture of the food...I was sooo hungry!

Heading towards Michigan Ave. Sooo many tall buildings!

Love all the architecture downtown!

This a photo of the first apartment we had. Hubby's boss was renting this pretty place and he was transferred back to Switzerland so his company took over the lease and let us rent it VERY inexpensively. We had the penthouse with a roof top patio! It was so cool...OH THE VIEW!!! Wish I had pictures!!!

We ended our week in Caseville, MI. We mostly relaxed and did some metal detecting. I found 28 cents and some polished glass, my parents found 89 cents and a kid's mood ring. We don't mind what we's really relaxing. The weather was perfect and the dogs had a blast too!
Hope you all had a marvelous long weekend too!!!! Next of the garden! I will be taking pics today! Have a great day!!!!