Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun Stuff

Morning! Hope you all are warm and cozy this morning! When I woke up it was -2! I know it much colder west of Michigan though, so I am a bit grateful! I have some photos to share with you this morning. Believe it or not, I actually finished a project! It was quick and easy!

( Before)
This scrapbook paper is from Scrapbook Kit in a Stack the Love and Wedding pack. I found it at Joann's on clearance last week. The heart paperweight is from Target's Dollar Spot. I have seen on other blogs that I'm not the only one with this idea...go to Thoughts that Stick to see more see what Artchick did with hers.


I used Modge Podge to glue the paper to the back of the heart. Trace the heart on the paper, cut out, apply glue to heart back and let dry. So easy! I am going to make more of these today and show you them in the next few days.

This is one of the gifts I sent to Angie of Sandals and Daisies for our swap over Christmas. The frame was on clearance at Michael's this past fall, the paper is from Stampin' Up and the A is from a small kit at the Dollar Tree. Another quick and easy project.

Just a photo of how I decorated my frame for Christmas. I found the 2 blue ornaments at the hospital gift shop when my dad had his surgery. It looked prettier in person. I need to get photos plans to go to the ocean at Christmas didn't pan out so maybe this spring at a park instead.

I had a birthday over the holidays (Dec. 22) and these 2 bottles my daughter's (in the photo) boyfriend gave me. He got them to go with my perfume bottle collection.

This cute chicken and rooster potholder set was a birthday gift too. These are from dd's bf's grandma. She is the sweetest lady. I now officially have a rooster kitchen...much to hubbies dismay. He told me it's ok though since I will change the decor in 2 years knowing me anyway. Hehe!
I hope you all have a wonderful day...laundry and more hearts are calling my name and I think I hear the scarf I'm trying to finish chiming in! Hugs!!!


artis1111 said...

Hi , I came ove from Rue's blog. I love the potholder. So cute! Kathy

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I love your gifts...I have a rooster kitchen too. I have been officially banned from buying any more roosters for a while now...(but that doesn't stop me...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! What a great idea! I must try this!!!! Love the bottles too! BUT HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! I wish I kept all the many many perfumes I've had over the years! Some were sooo pretty but you know when you're young and stupid and its just junk!!lol It is colder here today but not THAT cold! Since I break out in hives in the cold air I would hate to see what I looked like if I were there!!!lol I'm going to start another scarf later after I get some cleaning done! But now after this I feel like scrapbooking too???? Have a great afternoon! Til Later, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

LOVE that clever!
I better go see if there are anymore at Target!!
Hope you get your book soon!


Hi Kim,
It's good to see that you are's good for us:)
I really like the heart paperweight.Thanks for sharing your crafts with us...I think every kitchen needs one chick...I mead chicken in it...LOL...humor..:)
Have fun crafting.
P.S. it was -24 yesterday morining here...way too COLD for me BURRRR

Pink Slippers said...

Happy belated birthday!

Dawn said...

Those are fun things! I just love those bottles. Oh, they are so pretty. I also like the paperweight. A friend gave me one similar to that.

take care,

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

HI Kim,I really like the paper weight. Good ideal ! And love the chicken pot holders. You seem to get so much stuff made, I can't get anywhere here lately. I think it is because honey bunny is home in the winter.


Such great ideas you implemented and terrific gifts you made and received Kim! Thanks for sharing.

jet1960 said...

Great idea about the paperweight! We don't have Target, but I think they had something similar at Tuesday Morning. Think it was more than $1. Love the initial framed up, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! It was -1 this morning in Independence, MO!! brrrrrrr The poor grand dog had to be pullllled outdoors to do her thing---she hates cold, too! :)

I love those projects you shared with us!! That paperweight idea is just wonderful!

Happy belated birthday. Those sweet potholders are just darling.

Hope you're feeling great!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Now that is a great idea. I think I'd like to try that :0)
You got some great gifts for your Bday.
Did you do anything special?