Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Baby Shower I Photographed

It's sunny today!!!
That does excite me!
This has been one gloomy spring!

I promised I'd show you some photos
from my friend's daughter's
baby shower...
here are some fun ones...

My girlfriend made this diaper trike for the,
gift table, center piece.
The theme was jungle animals.

I took some tummy photos for the
I had fun with these and made them
pencil sketches.

Mommy and Daddy-to-be

One more of Mommy's belly.

Chocolate lollies from Anna Shea Chocolates!
They have amazing chocolate artists!
(Located in Barrington, IL)

One more shot of the jungle theme decor.
Aren't the Barrel of Monkeys cute!?!

It was a lot of fun taking these photos!
Hope the guest of honor loves them!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inside Photos of Townhouse

Today, I have photos to share
of the inside of our townhouse.
These are from the Toll Brothers site.
You will have to use your imagination some
as I explain the photos.

This is the dining room.
We opted for all hardwood floors on the first floor.
I have been looking all over at different floor rugs.
We have a table and chairs picked out for this room and
my sister-in-law gave me her old chandelier that
needs a paint treatment.

The kitchen, our kitchen will have more room in it.
The contractor's offered a free upgrade called a
greenhouse which extends the eating area and includes
a sky light plus a door to the deck.

The living room. The door by the fireplace will
actually be a window due to the greenhouse
having a door.

The living room.

View from the front door.

Master bedroom.

The master bedroom has a really large sitting room!
We are excited about this!

The master bath. The wall with the robes will
be a glass wall for the shower and our tub will
not be jetted. I don't like the jetted tubs,
too noisy.

In addition, there are 2 more bedrooms and a guest bath
and a second floor laundry that is only a closet but
it's just the 2 of us, so I really don't need more.

Thanks for letting me share!
We are beyond excited after 4 long years
of officially moving to Chicagoland!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Future

I know it has been a while AGAIN!
Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks,
everything in MI will be taken care of.
Unfortunately, it's taking longer than planned.
Of course!


Here's the exciting news!
I can finally share...
we are building a town home in Elgin, IL.
We aren't quite sure when next year it will be completed,
it all depends on when they begin.
here is the model...

We have an end unit with 3 bedrooms and lots of windows!
My husband's favorite part is...

We have a perfect view of the golf course!
Across the street the street from us are single family homes.
Between 2 of the homes is a large open area that they call a park.
It has a bench for people to sit and watch the golfers.
Our townhouse sits between these 2 homes across the street.
Every window and our deck overlooks the beautiful course.
As you can imagine, we cannot wait!
So much to plan, so many blog posts to come!
So many projects to come!

Thanks for being patient with me as we
finish up our MI home.
We are praying for renters starting in June.

I hope the majority of you are enjoying spring!
We woke up to snow!!!!
It has since melted and will be 60 degrees on Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Happenings

Sorry for being gone so long!
Just want to fill you in on the happenings...

We've been traveling back and forth to MI
on the weekends.
We're packing up the house here in MI.
We have a POD in our driveway which is now half full.
We bought a Bagster for all of our junk.
I hope the POD will be full next Saturday,
I hope the house will be EMPTY next Saturday.
I can call the rug and hardwood floor cleaners
and our realtor to put the place up for lease.
We hear they lease fast,
will that be our luck?
One could hope!

Our daughter is almost totally moved out.
They are slow moving on the process.
We will probably end up having to help them
get the stuff out, so we can proceed.
I know they're busy too,
but I'm on a tight schedule!

We have had many people over for quotes for...
painting the exterior and taking care of the yard and gardens.
We found some amazing deals!

If you live in the metro-Detroit area,
DTE gives you $40 for every working fridge
that you have them haul away.
We will be getting a check for $80.

That's all the house news.
In other news...
Spring is taking it's sweet old time
making a real appearance in MI and Chicago.
I hope to take a Ballet Barre class this week.
We have a new puppy (yes we are crazy right now).
The puppy's name is Fannie Mae.
Here she is...

She is a very good puppy.
Black lab/Yellow Lab mix.
The vet said she is the Einstein of puppies.
She is 9 weeks old and can
sit, lay down, come and walk on a leash perfectly.

Emma is starting to love her.
Here she is...

Love that face!!!

We are taking a weekend off from our house to
go visit the hubs sister in Memphis, TN.
We leave in 10 days!!!
I cannot wait to feel warm sunshine!
Hubs sister just adopted a Golden Retriever,
2 years old named Gypsy.
She was in a rescue and so was Fannie Mae.
They can swap Foster Care stories.

That's all the news! Hope you're all doing well!