Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hubs Lap Quilt/Blanket


I finally finshed this lap quilt/blanket.
I'm not sure what to call it, exactly,
I didn't officially quilt it.
I used old/vintage buttons in between the blocks.

Excuse the Emma hairs.
It has been very chilly here and we had to use it to stay warm!

I used a variety of brown and gray buttons from my stash.

I forgot to bring the quilt batting from Michigan.
It is still very warm with the backing of fleece.
I didn't bind it either.
I still need to practice this skill.
Know of any good tutorials???
Or, do you have any helpful suggestions???

I am linking up at Embellishing Life today.
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Have a great day!


Attic Clutter said...

Oh that is just beautiful Kim
I love those colors ~!!
thanks on my big chair pic(:)

dana said...

Hi Kim!! I love your lap quilt!! My daughter gave me an ELECTRIC one for Christmas last year!! She knows I'm always shivering!! I love it, but it's not as classy as yours! I enjoyed catching up on your recent posts! I have been super busy with my fall sales....and a sick girl :( She's better, but it wiped out a week for both of us.

I'm heading down to the Craft Cave aka My Studio to sew...them I'm gonna go "run" (I jog) for a big. I lost a little weight while I was "training" (I know, it's hard to visualize an old gal taking up running at this point in her life!! :) for my first 5K run...I took a little over a week off to prepare for a sale and take care of my girl. I hope it isn't gonna do me in! :)

Have a great week...hope YOU are feeling better!!

L, Dana

Unknown said...

Hey Kim, Cluck Cluck sew has the best tutorial for quilting and binding:
It really helped me!!


Hi Kim,
Very nice lap blanket for your hubby!
Sweet Pea is home and doing well...She is to be "quiet" for a few days...RIGHT!!!
deb :)

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

Love the color combination! Thanks for linking up to the Catwalk :)