Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deal of the Week!


Today's deal comes from Carson's again!
I needed a necklace to go with an outfit
that I'm wearing to a charity auction.
I wanted something neutral that could go
with many other outfits too.
Here's what I found...

A chunky clear acrylic necklace with a price of $44
then take 30% off
then take an additional 25% off,
if I used my Carson's card.
Ok, not too bad.
Get to the register and it comes up $6.99
then take the 25% off for using my card.
This necklace was not on the clearance rack,
so shocker to me it WAS on clearance!!!
What a deal!!!
(I, also, found a pair of earrings to match ON the clearance rack)

Here's how it looks on.
I can wear it with so many things!

Find any great deals???

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Chicagoland is enjoying the bestest Indian Summer!
Loving it!
Soon it will be over but until then...AHHH! : )



Stacy said...

That is such a pretty necklace and you sure did get a great deal. How nice you are having an Indian Summer. We are having crazy weather, cold and wet one day, warm and dry the next. I kinda like it :)

Marfi-topia said...

wow! that's always so great when you love something and the price is incredible!
it's gorgeous!

tincanlily said...

That is quite a bargain! It looks great, too. I bet you will get a lot of use out of it.

Karen said...

I love it!

I really like clear beads and those are pretty, yet fun, too. They'll be great with so many things!

Great deal you found, too!