Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be Careful What You Click On In Your Stats!!!

I was going through my stats on Blogger and I went to see what my Traffic Sources were. Periodically, I'll click on a site to see who is checking out my blog and where the source was from. WELL...I clicked on one that started with http://bit/ and it went to a very nasty site. NEVER again will I click on a link starting like that! I wish Blogger could leave those off our stats! GROSS and INAPPROPRIATE!!!

Just an FYI!



April said...

Wow, Kim...I had no idea! Such a shame, isn't it?

Ladybug said...

Thanks so much for the Info on the
Stats I surly will keep that info
available at hand, I agree why??
must there be such nasty individuals who have nothing better
too do then think with twisted minds.
Thanks again for FYI !!!


Michelle Whitlow said...


Mel said...

ewwww... Sorry that happened to you and thanks for the heads up.

Janet said...

That's good to know, I'll watch out for it. Thanks!

Crickit said...

Thanks for the info, I will make very sure I do not click on that!!