Thursday, July 10, 2008

Updated blogs I visit

Hello! I updated the list of blogs I visit everyday or try to...if you don't see your blog on here and would like it to be...let me know and I will add you!
Have a great day!



hi Kim, Thanks for visiting me and adding me to your blog list. I will add you to mine :) Your photos are great. I still learning on how to get the words under the photos :) . Just love reading all the blogs. Have a fun weekend. Warmly, Deb

Debbie Kay said...

Hi Kim:

So sweet of you to visit my blog and leave a comment. I too have added you to my favorites!!!

Debbie Kay

tincanlily said...

Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I am going to update my list soon. I will be happy to add your blog to my list!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Kim.. thank you for coming to my page.. and also for adding me in your blog to visit daily.. I am so honored. I shall add you too in my list.. Have a super weekend!


Kim ~ thank you for the add and I have happily added you to mine. :o)

Anonymous said...

You should DEFINITELY get those flamingos out of the attic and into your Punkin Patch! (referencing the comment you left on my Pink Sat. post (-: I just read your little punkin post and it brought back memories of the year we had "volunteer" pumpkins come up in a flower bed. We had a ball watching them grow (the kids were small and they loved it) and spread and climb. I think ours had some sort of evil bug that infested the vines--anyway, they all rotted before becoming beautiful little orange orbs. It was fun while it lasted!

Jackie said...

thanks for adding my blog! will add yours as well!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kim!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and thanks for putting me on your blog list! I will put you on my new blogs to check out list on mine!
Your garden is exciting! If you have an abundance of pumpkins you can host the next episode of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!!
You have a very nice blog!! Have a great week!
Hugs, Sherry

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Hey Kim!
Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you enjoyed my little tour : )!! I'm curious where you are from in haven't told me have you? Feel free to email me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you read a ton of blogs. I see my blog name has already been added to the list... thank you! I'm still pretty new & trying to get my name out there. :) xoxo, Joanna