Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello From Chicago

Hello! I am at our apartment just outside of Chicago for the Thanksgiving week. Hubby and I have been horribly sick, with an upper respiratory virus, ever since we came home from Disney World. All I can say is yuck and we just don't feel well.

So, all my crafty plans for last week...didn't happen. Sigh! I have paper and rubber stamps piled up on the kitchen table, back home, awaiting me to create Christmas week. So, yeah...I'm a week behind during the busiest time of the year. Oh well. What gets done gets done.

While I'm here in Chicago, I brought this project with me. I really want to finish it before it gets to be too late to wear it! It is a lot of work! All the hand embroidery is taking me FOREVER! So, that's one of my goals this week...get as much of this scarf done as possible.

Sorry, no pictures. I don't have the means on this old computer here in the apartment. Have a great week and WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!



Angie said...

Ugh. I hope you and hubs feel better soon. Get lots of rest, sweetie....everything else will be there when you feel better. Hugs to you~ Angie


Hi Kim,
Sorry to hear you are both sick and sure hope you are better.
I'm going to start my Christmas cards this week...not making as many as I would like to.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Deb :)

Miss Rhea said...

Ahhhhhh, Sorry you are sick !! That is no fun !! Prayers for you both :) Hope your Thanksgiving is Wonderful !!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick. How miserable!

Can't wait to see the scarf once it's done.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Morning Kim! At least I hope it is!!!! Feeling Better yet??? I'm laughing cuz once again we are thinking alike! I just came from the lion brand website and downloaded a ruffled scarf - then I click and see you are making a different kind of "ruffle"!lol Seems like a good thing to be doing because you can sit!!! So much sickness out there and unfortunately that darn mouse gave you something!!! (Mickey made you ickey!lol) - I think yesterdays plastic that I left in the bird had an effect on me!!!!lol FEEL BETTER - Talk soon - Sincerely, Jeannette