Monday, September 28, 2009

I've Been Busy....

making FLOWERS!!! Yep, I've been busy looking for patterns and cutting wool flowers! I found this amazing scarf and got busy with the cutting of wool flowers!

76 flowers to be exact!

The small ones, all 38, need to have their petals embroidered. WHEW! BUT I cannot wait to finish it and show you!
I, also, made a pretty blue flower for a tote I have. These are so cute on bags!

Oh so pretty!

Yesterday, I started decorating my porch for fall. I have few finishing touches to pick up at Hobby Lobby this week, then I will take pics for you! It was so nice to use all 11 pumpkins we grew! (We had 15 but 4 rotted early...bummer!) Fall is here, no doubt about it, rain, wind and much cooler temps. This week will be especially cool and wet. I hope we get a few nice sunny weekends to enjoy before November rolls around!
Enjoy your day! I will be embroidering flowers and drinking hot tea and of course playing with Emma in between!


BellaDella said...

Pretty flowers. You have a lot of work to do ;) Can't wait to see your porch!

Joy said...

Give Miss Emma a big smooch right on the muzzle for me. :o)

Wendy said...

Those are cute!! Im glad you got so many pumpkins! I never got around to trying to replant mine.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Kim; Wow! that is a lot of flowers,, and all the stitching,, did you have to soak you hands.... lol love the blue one the on the bag... can't wait to see the scarf.. have a great week....


Michelle said...

Lovin' that pretty blue flower, Kim! You do such nice work! (Remember our conversation, sweet friend :) Looking forward to seeing your porch pictures and that beautiful scarf!

Have a great week! (It's SO cold & rainy here so I'm with you about those nice sunny weekends.)


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That will be a very pretty scarf. I love doing hand sewing, not many people do. I hope that you are feeling better soon. It is a terrible time to be sick. I better get started on my Christmas to-do list! You never know when a nasty little cold will strike.