Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello! I am wishing I had something to share today! I have had notta to post about or show you! I'm just taking it easy and doing some clearance shopping. I found some great deals at Ann Taylor's Loft...a silk shirt for $3, a sweater for $5 and a pair of dress pants for my daughter for $5. They had major mark downs with 50% off those! I love a deal! My 100th post if coming up and I want to come up with something cool for a giveaway...thinking, thinking, yep still thinking!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!



Unknown said...

Hi Kim! Havent seen you in awhile. Just stopping by to see if you are as ready for spring as I am? LOL :)


April said...

Boy, you DID get some great deals...I am so impressed!!! A silk shirt for $3!!!

I love giveaways, though I'm certainly not the luckiest person who ever lived! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

hey Kim!
You got some fantastic deals! I missed my 100th post, so I'm thinking I may hold out until either 150 or 200 before I do a give a way.
Hope you're having a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Don't you hate it when the blog well runs dry!lol I think I passed my 100th so I too must think of something! Who knew I had so much to say in such a short time???lol Looking forward to what you come up with!!! Have a great night - Jeannette


Hi Kim,
You are the bargin finder:) Love silk blouses!!
How about that, you almost 100 post. Doesn't time fly!!!
Think I'll do a new post tonight about the 1 sale we went to.
Happy Monday!!

Pink Slippers said...

Some great deals there. Wishing you a relaxed week.


Nothing beats getting an awesome deal!

One Shabby Old House said...

Well I know now where I am heading. What a great sale and boy do I like sales. See you really did have something to share today! Glad you did

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Wow what good bargains you found.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I'm so glad your Dad is doing better and you've made plans for another trip!!! Navy Pier cruise sounds fantastic right about now!!!lol Yes I've caught up just a little finishing pesky things (like the tie tabs for my curtains so I can start posting things!lol) Of course every time I start to relax my daughter calls!lol This time she fell on the ice last night in front of apartment and is going to Dr. after work! It is always something!!! Hopefully it is just a really bad bruise! It was actually easier when she was a little kid!!!!lol Have a great night - Jeannette


It is time for us to rest when we feel like this! Enjoy it!


Karen said...

I had lots of posts to catch up on, after being away.

I love your shower gift bag. It is gorgeous!

You got some great deals on the clothes and those Valentines are darling, too. I wish those stores were closer to me.

Jill said...

My goodness you certainly found yourself some good deals. Very brave of you...I'm too afraid to go in those fancy stores. Maybe that's why I feel so comfortable in the Thrift Shops! ;o)

Heather said...

You got some great deals!! I want to go shopping with you!!
Thanks for stopping by! I am SO over the snow!! I am about ready to put on my ruby slippers, click my heals and be wished to somewhere tropical!! LOL!!