Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blessed, The Love and The Makeover


First off, I feel very blessed that my son is safe in Oklahoma and that he only saw the killer and destructive tornadoes on the radar at the television station where he interns as a meteorologist. I'm sooo sorry to all of you who actually experienced the tornadoes first hand. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Now for the love part of my giveaway. Remember all comments from each day I post until Friday will be entered in the giveaway. Here's the love...

A sweet indulgence of mine as of late. YUM!!!

And a pretty little heart paperweight that I made this morning! A little love for my blogging friends! Good luck to you all!


Now for the makeover that has been a year in the doing because of lack of time. Hubby is only home for a day and a half a week soooo I decided on no new paint for now. I am a terrible painter and I have a hard time paying someone for something I know hubby can do. Maybe some day we will set aside vacation time to paint. For now, I am happy with the progress and will add decorative touches to distract from the lack of paint color!
2 shelves put together by hubby. I arranged my stamps by theme and have a few more there in the corner to go on one of the other shelves yet to be put together. These shelves are from Office Depot, a part of the Christopher Lowell Collection. They look really nice. Not pictured yet is a lateral file that is storing yarn in one drawer and gift bags and tissue in another.

This is the other side of the stamp/craft room. Everything has been shoved to this side. This side will be tackled in the next couple of weeks.


I am off to start working on the last 2 pieces to be added to the giveaway. I hope the one turns out or it won't make it into the giveaway. Have a wonderful day!!!


April said...

Hi Kim,

Oh, I'd love to be entered in your giveaway...I LOVE chocolate and that paperweight you made is so pretty. Good luck with your projects and have a good one!♥

Angie said...

Oh Kim! SO grateful he is okay! Such a scary moment for you as a mom I am sure. I watched the news this morning and the devastation in that little town was just heartbreaking. Praying that they don't find any more casualties. Now, I gotta say, girl, you have a HUGE amount of stamps!! Do you like stamping or something??? LOL. Wow. I am totally showing this picture to hubby who thinks that I have too many stamps. (I have like 30..maybe 35.)HaHa!

Love ya chica! Angie

p.s. are you guys getting lots of rain up there? We have had a steady amount since this morning!

Bella Della said...

Your giveaway is looking great! Pick me, pick me :)

Rosemary said...

Hi Kim,
Glad your son is OK!!
A makeover is always fun!!
Pretty Valentine's!
You have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Stopping in when I saw (even tho I shouldn't be on here!) your new post!!! FIRST Glad your son is ok; I haven't been watching any news lately! Fire and Tornadoes scare me like nothing else! What a bright stamp room you have, really nice light! Now can I say you have enough stamps to open your own shop!!!lol They are probably one of the hardest things to control/organize!!! I only have enough to fit in a plastic fishing box!!!These are beautiful shelves too! Can't wait to see the rest of the room when you get done!!! I wouldn't paint either; let your artwork show off more on the white walls!!! Good Job! (now its back to work OR I could take a coffee break? choc looks good about now! Til later, Jeannette

mysteryhistorymom said...

I am so glad to hear that your son is alright! We experienced the storms last night, too, and it was frightening! No tornadoes, though....

I LOVE that paperweight that you made! And, of course, chocolate is always divine.:) Lori

Unknown said...

I love those shelves and I can't believe how much stamps you have!!! If I compare it with my pile of maybe 50 stamps, I am getting jealous:))) By the way, that is great yr husband is half Slovak! Have u ever been to Slovakia?

Judy said...

You are wonderful Kim. I love the Andes mints. All of your giveaway items look so cute. Congrats on your 100th.

Paula said...

I just LOVE Andes! And that paperweight is so sweet! I have no idea how you would go about making one, but you did a great job.

jet1960 said...

Oh, you are really "sweetening" the giveaway! Pun intended! The paperweight is so pretty!

So glad to hear your son is ok. We are gettin a lot of strong wind here in Alabama today which I think is part of that system, though no severe weather yet.

Thanks for sharing your studio organization. I wish more people would do this on their blogs. I'm always seeking ideas for what to do in mine, as I am organizationally-challenged. That is a nice way of saying I am a slob, I guess, lol! I have most of my stamps in one of those over-the-door wire organizers made for canned goods. It's not ideal and I've not figured out what to do with the clear unmounted stamps I have bought recently.


Hi Kim,
Glad your son is okay:)
WOW I love your shelving...I better remember that WHEN (and IF)
I get going on my craft room. Get space for all your stamp sets:)
I am hoping that I win your give away!!Nice paper weight and chocolate is ALWAYS a winner in my book:) Glad hubby can help you paint.
Off to make dinner..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, glad to hear your son was not caught in the tornado's, and love the organized stamp shelves! We have a ton of stamps too, mostly at the cabin, what fun!!! Good luck on the other side of the room! I'm sure you'll make it really cute in there!!Smiles!

Lori said...

Kim, i am so glad that your son is scary tornadoes are!!!

how lucky you are to have a room of your own to play in...wish i did!!!

thanks for stopping over to was very nice to see you there!!!

Marilyn said...

Oh that paperweight is did you make it? Marilyn

Karen said...

Your giveaway is just getting better! Love that paperweight! Would you consider posting a tutorial on making one sometime?

I haven't seen the news lately-had no idea they were getting tornadoes down there. Glad your son was fine.

Cottage Rose said...

Holey Cow Kim! just look at all those wonderful stamps!!!!!!!!! boy oh boy would I love to have just a few of them. I need to show my hubby, maybe he will let me buy some more.... lol Love the shelves.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Kim...that heart shaped magnet is adorable!! wish I could find heart shaped glass marbles like that!

Pricousins said...

Hi! Glad your son is doing okay! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the paperweight, you are so creative! Thanks for sharing the love with us:)

Lynn said...

The paperweight is lovely! Is it decoupage, perhaps? :)


I don't think I've ever seen so many stamps in one place before, Kim. Not even at the craft store. ;o)

So glad your son is okay.