Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Townhome Interior Design Choices

Yep, it has been a while again!
Our life is still topsy turvy at the moment.
Did I tell you that
the apartment complex has decided to
replace all the water lines in
the building?
Had to pack up over half the apartment.
The worst part is that it's a
hazmat type situation since there
is asbestos in the drywall compound.
So yeah, I have to take the dogs out
for 8 hours next week.
Where will we go???
Good question!

the happy stuff...

Here are our selections that we made
at the Toll Brothers Design Studio...

The carpet on the left is the runner carpet for our stairway.
The one on the right is what the upstairs will be carpeted in.
: )

The tile on the right, granite on the left and the wood
is the color we used in the cabinetry for
our guest bath.

This is the hardwood we chose for our first floor.

This is cabinetry we chose for the whole house.
It's chestnut colored. Also shown, is the granite
we chose for our kitchen counters.

Here is the slate, tile and tumbled rock that we chose
for our master bath. This tumble rock (the 1x1 inch tiles)
will be around our fireplace, on the first floor, too.
So pretty!!!

And finally, this is the linoleum
we chose for our laundry area.

It was a lot of fun and little stressful
 choosing these permanent parts of our home.
I am very happy with the choices we made
and cannot wait to move!
They still haven't broke ground : (
We are waiting for one more family
to purchase a townhome in our building.
Hopefully, soon!!!

Another bit of good news....
we have a renter for our home in MI
and they move in on June 1.

Edited:  So the realtor just called and
our renters backed out. UGH!!!
Praying for new renters!!!

Hope you're all having a good day!
I will try to be better about this blog.
It's hard with everything crafty packed up!



tincanlily said...

Wow, you had to make a lot of decisions! It looks like you are going to have a lovely new home. Sorry to hear about the renters changing their minds. Sorry to hear about the water pipe issue. I guess it is better than having them burst!
Have a great day!

Attic Clutter said...

Oh how neat Kim..great choices and you will love it when
''its all done'' (:) It'll be worth it~
Cute doggy ~!!!