Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend

I have been corrected that the team below is the Oakland Athletics....our tickets said LAA...I stand corrected :-) Thank you... Rechelle : )

Hello! We had a bit longer weekend, hubby worked from home on Friday : ) The weather wasn't the best but we got some things done.

My pictures uploaded backwards but here are some photos of our weekend...

This is Dallas Braden the starting pitcher for Saturday night's game. The Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles Athletics. Where our seats are, we get to watch the opposing team warm up and stretch out. I thought it was cool to get a picture of him to go with the next photo...

One of the opposing teams players came out wearing a warm up jersey with no name on it. He set his things up all so neatly...very picture worthy...I seized the opportunity. When I got home I saw his name was on his mitt. I did get his photo (above) to coordinate with this photo.
The Tigers won thankfully! We were freezing! It was windy and the temps falling, there was quite the windchill! I, luckily, had gloves in my pockets.
The next photo was from earlier in the weekend. Hubby started enlarging the garden, we are suppose to have beautiful weather on Saturday for him to finish : )

A not so attractive photo of the drain at the end of the creek which makes it possible to have houses here. The rest of the creek runs underground and to the right. Looking forward to having the vegetables growing in the ground.
I even managed to work on my stamp/craft room this weekend. I will take pics. There's still more to do but it's a lot further along now. AND today I even made some cards but forgot to take photos but I can give you a mental visual...White cards with black polka dots (from Targets Dollar Spot 15 cards for $2.50), the back of the cards are bright pink. I made monograms like the ones I used for the Mother's Day plants. Tied bright pink ribbon around the middle of the card and topped with the monograms. Easy Peasy! If I make more, I will take a photo!
For all you Michiganders looking for jobs:
~Good Morning America is having a Job Expo tomorrow at Cobo Hall.
~It goes from 6am-10am.
~ Parking and Admission are FREE!!!
~Take lots of resumes, dress to interview and be prepared to network!
~All the companies that will be there are from Michigan and they are hiring!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day!!!




Bella Della said...

Baseball and gardening. It doesn't get any better than that!

Happy Monday and hugs!

Anonymous said...

fun weekend! i hope your garden produces lots & lots of yumminess for you! i am so bummed becuz we have a garden that is doing GREAT, but i either have to leave it or chance transplanting everything with the move and i really don't think any of it would make it. :( it is just soooo hot here right now! we are crazy girls for moving this year (the *radioactive year*)....but thankfully i am beginning to feel lots better so that's a plus.
hope you're having a fab week, my friend!

Pink Slippers said...

i use to love going to Dodger games just for the dodger dogs and peanuts.
Fun memories growing up.

Angie said...

Oh girlie...I had such grand plans of a garden..and is still a pile of Hubby just hasn't had time to dig and I am afraid of creepy crawlies hiding in there! Soo..we shall see if we get anything done this weekend! That baseball player is cute! Woohoooo! Hope your week is going well!

Love ya! Angie

p.s. I had thought about trying to visit ya this summer..but then I saw that 75 is closed all summer...ugh...that sucks!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Ballgames are the best but I have to tell you, L.A. doesn't have a team called the Athletics. We have the Angels and the Dodgers :0). The Athletics are from Oakland...The Oakland A's. :0)
Can't believe you guys are still having chilly days/nights. Is that normal. Here we are roasting in the 90s all ready. Today will be cooler, only 86 :0)
I hope your day is great!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ooo can't wait to see photos of the craft room and also the cards you made! And, thanks for the encouragement on my recent endeavor. : )


Hi Kim,
Have fun planting your garden. I need to get a few seeds in the ground this weekend too!!
Show me your CARDS...PLEASE!
You know that I love seeing your work!!
Have a nice long weekend.
Deb :)