Thursday, April 2, 2009

Surprise Mail and Happy Tears!!!

Morning!!! Look what came in the mail for ME!!! I received the most beautiful Random Act of Kindness package from a very sweet blogger and we have the same name!!! We are both Kim V's, she is Kim V of BellaDella. If you don't know Kim, you should really stop by her blog! You will fall in LOVE with her sweet farm and old store! I soooo want to visit! Anyway...look what she sent me...

The sweetest, prettiest, bright and cheery card! It is now hanging in my den, so I can see it when I'm on the computer! A little package of Laura Ashley magnets that match the colors in my kitchen perfectly!!! And a surprise all wrapped in bright happy blue!

It's a journal!!! Oh how cool is that!?! It is so beautiful!!! I LOVE IT ALL!
Thank you so much Kim, it has really brightened my day and it brought happy tears to my eyes! I have such wonderful friends here in blogland!!! I wouldn't trade you guys for anything!

Today is college graduation invitation making day...whew that's a mouthful! Now all I need to do is get Emma to take a nap!
Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!


April said...

What sweet and thoughtful gifts you received, Kim! I, too, am always amazed by the kindness of those I've met here in Blogland.

Angie said...

Surprises are so fun! What a sweetie Kim was to send you such thoughtful presents...yay! You deserve them, girlie....! It's almost Friday...yessssss!

Love ya! Angie

Anonymous said...

That was very sweet, now I'm going to visit the "other" Kim.

Bella Della said...

You are so very welcome. It makes me very happy to make you smile! I thought it was ironic that you received the package earlier in the week with the bird swap stuff- the journal I sent was sort of serendipitous :) Enjoy it and be well!


Anonymous said... sweet of her!
GLad it brought some HAPPY to your day!:):)
Lots of love,


Hi Kim,
Glad you are back and rec'd a little "blessing" gift:) God is good. Emma looks so sweet in the new photo of her:)
Very nice gifts from Kim and your birdie swap partner...
Have a great weekend...busy making grad cards!

dana said...

Hi Kim, I realized last night that I hadn't visited you in a while, so I was determined to do that this a.m. I was saddened to read you've been going through some difficult times. I hope things are back on track for you and yours now. I have been so bad about visiting my long-favorite blogging friends. It is hard to stay on top of it when 'life' interfers! :)

Are you dusting off your flamingo for the spring planting season? Mine is chomping at the bit to get outside, but I have to keep telling him "it's still snowing here in Missouri"! :)

Have a good weekend and enjoy making those invites--even under the time crunch!

L, Dana

PS Loved your gift!!!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Don't you just love getting sweet surprises in the mail? Love it!
Enjoy your day!

Pink Slippers said...

That was sweet! Very sweet!

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Aw! What a lovely surprise for you, they are nice. Enjoy your weekend best wishes Julie.C

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Presents in the mail always make me smile!!!!

Terri said...

What a nice surprise! Such a sweet journal.