Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yo-Yo Kitchen Towel

Hello! I am making yo-yo's again!

My girlfriend, Kelly has a purple kitchen. I decided to make her a pretty towel, for Christmas, to hang on her stove...

Please excuse the ugly white apartment stove! I made the yo-yo detachable for easier washing of the towel and she can place it where she likes on the towel.

I used one of these heavy duty badge magnets to attach it. The beauty of it is is that she can, also, wear it!

Isn't it pretty on a shirt, too?

A close up of the yo-yo.

One thing done for Christmas, still waiting for an order to arrive to start working on new Christmas decorations for the apartment. We have a space for a small tree, thank goodness. Plus there are surfaces and walls to put things on.  Anyone else working on Christmas gifts and/or decorations???

Have a great day!


Miss Rhea said...

That is so cute !! And it is great that she can wear it as a pin as well. How clever !!! :) Hugs :) :) :)


How wonderful to have a Christmas gift done! I'm thinking about it!
Your yo-yo's amaze me! It's darling as a pin.
deb :)

Michelle Whitlow said...

So cute!

Hey thanks for that funny comment on my blog! well, not funny but you know!! hehe BEEN THERE that's for sure!! The nurse at my dr's office about a year and a half ago asked 'are you pregnant'. Ummm...NO!!! Geez, some people!!! But thanks for the laugh :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Pretty!!! You did a great job. :)

Julies knitting corner said...

A wonderful gift, you have made it so well I like the colours. best wishes Julie.C

Angie said...

Girlie...I am just trying to get through I think I may weed out some of the Christmas this year though...there are some things I haven't used in point in storing them! Have a good weekend!

Hugs ~ Angie

Randi said...

So cute! I love the yo-yo you made me ... I carry my bag everywhere!