Monday, October 25, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We went back to Michigan to finish some end of the season yard work. We sure miss being home and really miss living in our house. We know it's time to get it ready to go back on the market and to think about buying a home in Illinois. Please pray for the housing market to continue to improve in Michigan so we can put it back up as soon as possible. Right now we're looking at putting it up in a year. It sounds like a long time but it will go pretty quick while we do a couple things to make the house attractive to buyers. We will paint the outside, touch up the inside, change a couple of light fixtures and clean up the back landscaping. Quite a bit to do to pass the time. Here are some photos from the weekend...

Our daughter put our pumpkins out and added my fall wreath.

One of my most favorite landscape ornaments.

This is the first year that our Fire Bushes got berries. Very cute!

Little Miss Emma loves coming home so she can run without a leash, sniff around and explore. Here she is laying on her favorite hill in the yard. This is a family favorite hill. She's so happy at home. She has no freedom in our apartment. She can't run free or do much in our tiny place. At the house she can run up and down the stairs and down the long hallway. We cannot wait to get a new home so we all feel less squished. We know things could be worse but it has been 3 and half years now. Wow, that's hard to believe!

Hope you're enjoying your Monday!



Hi Kim,
I bet you do MISS your home and it looks very lovely! The year will go bye quickly with all your projects to do.
Cute flowers for Emma's collar and your headband!
deb :)

Crickit said...

Your house in Michigan looks beautiful. I hope all goes well with your home sale. Are you living in Chicago because of jobs?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

LOVE that last photo...what a cutie!! :)

goldenbird said...

You must miss your home so much. It looks beautiful! I hope the market improves soon. Miss Emma must have enjoyed herself back at the house. I feel for my pets, too, being cooped up in an apartment all the time.