Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogger Reading List, Messed Up!

YAY!!! It's FIXED!!!

From what I can tell, this is a new feature on Blogger. I found you can read everything in Google Reader but so far I haven't found it to be user friendly, at least to this user. If anyone knows otherwise and knows how to get my Reading List back to the way it was Please let me know. Thank you :-)

Is anyone else have trouble with the Reading List of the blogs you follow? I can only see some of the posts and the pictures are huge. If I don't get around to everyone, sorry! I have no idea if everyone has posted or not.



Kelli said...

Yes Kim I am having the same problem!! I have no idea what is going on!! Let me know if you figure out how to fix it!!!


Anonymous said...

hey me 2, Thankgod i have been going round in circles thinking i had done something wrong.

Barb said...

Hi Kim,

Blogger has been possessed! Sometimes when i use post options for a later date, the post never shows up. Frustrating. I even thought about just deleting the whole blog. Hubby talked me out of that. Oh well.

Have a wonderful week and hopefully all will be fixed soon.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I had the same problem. It kept me from browsing my reader for a day or so. :( I like to use the Blogger Dashboard rather than Google Reader b/c I like to visit each blog. :)