Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A big color for my tiny kitchen in Chicagoland. The apartment faces north and we have count them...one doorwall and one window...that's it! I knew I had to bring some color in. Hope you like pictures! (You've been warned!)

IKEA has a 3 pack of bottle, 2 turquoise and one clear for about $8.  I am going to fill this one with dish soap.

IKEA, again, a 2 pack of cutting boards for just a few dollars.

Cookie jar from Marshall's.

Cute sign, partially hiding the unused phone jack. I love this verse. This was found at a super cute shop in Collierville, TN, wish I could remember the name.

A portion of a metal wall hanging, hiding the fuse box. Found at Marshall's.

Marshall's, again. Love how bright and cheery these are.

Marhsalls, again! This little pot was $4.99, it contains my sugar. The cute little sugar spoon was my grandma's.

Gotta love Target! They had the cutest polka dot glasses this year and these cute mugs. I found the plates on clearance for $2.50 for 4 plates. Hubby said I had enough plates, hmmm...maybe I'll go see if they're still there.

 Turquoise seems to be the color this year, found this bowl or baker at Marshall's. It holds my tea bags on top of the microwave with my sugar pot.

Marshall's clearance deal...only $3.00!!!

Bright and cheery rag rug from Marshall's.

Even my slippers are turquoise. These were a re-gift from my daughter. She received them at her personal shower but she didn't care for them. I love them! (They were in Target's summer collection).

Are you still with me!?! Congrats and thank you, if you are! Hope you're have a bright and cheery day!



mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVE the turquoise! It is my new favorite! I especially love the ruffled bowl.:) They have some darling polka dot turquoise bakeware at TJ MAxx. Check it out if you get a minute! Lori

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Wow! Marshall's must be the place to shop! I've never been or even seen one! Now I sound like a hick.
Turquoise is a beautiful choice for accent color. Black makes it stand out, too. I vote to grab up those plates!

Karyn said...

Such beautiful pieces! Hum, I think I sense an IKEA trip in my future . . . :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love all your turquoise---that's something I've been wanting to bring into my own home. :)

goldenbird said...

Love those slippers! Turquoise is such a pretty color. Your new decorations are great! Bringing color in is such a good idea ... my new place is going to have one window and one sliding glass door too, so I may do the same.

Shannon said...

I love all your turquoise! Everything looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your turquoise pieces you have in your kitchen. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors!