Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Blog Updates!


It took me FOREVER but I finally found a tutorial that I could actually understand and I made my own blog button! I haven't picked up many from you all in blog world, I sometimes don't notice them on the side but I will take the time to check and pick them up. case you're like me and don't notice them either...I am pointing mine out----> over there on the right! ; )

I, also, started a Facebook page for my blog. So, if you like me go back over there to the right---> and click LIKE!

I think I fried my brain with all this technology! Next up Twitter as soon as my brain cools off! I just technology challenged, what can I say!?!

Hope you're having a great day!!!


Look beyond the picket fence said...

Again, you have been so busy! Your blog is really looking good. I do not have any buttons, I am not even sure what to do with them. I do know that I love corn bread! I made a batch this week too.

Michelle Whitlow said...

Ok, you'll have to share! I know how to make a blog button but not how to add the link underneath! Please share :)