Monday, December 1, 2008


Morning!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!! We enjoyed our time together and mostly relaxed. It's so nice to have long weekends with the hubby!

Now there is a lot to do to get ready for DD's 21st birthday, my birthday, Christmas parties/auctions, Christmas Eve/Day and our trip to Disney World on the 26th! Whew!!! On Saturday I went through and confirmed our flight information which is still subject to time changes and our condo reservation. I checked the American Express to be sure charged our account for the remainder of our trip like they were suppose to. Well, they did not. So, I tried calling them and I got the message "This call cannot be connected as dialed". Try again, same thing. Hmmm...go to the message "This website no longer exists". BIG HMMMM!!!! Try the resort...on hold for 10 minutes...and the representative tells me that CondoExpress went out of business and we probably have NO reservation!!! They didn't have any of our home info except for my name and they never received our deposit from CondoExpress which I paid back in APRIL!!! BUT...she said give me your name and she said our reservation WAS still there with a note to cancel if I hadn't called them by December 1. OMG!!! HURRAY!!! The good news is that the resort lowered their price since we made our original reservation and although we lost our $200 deposit we are still saving $68 from our original quoted price. (When we booked through CondoExpress their price had been cheaper than the resort price so that's why we booked with them. Now our new price is $268 lower than what CondoExpress quoted us.) We are going to try and find which bankruptcy court we need to go through to try and get our deposit back but I am sooo relieved to even have reservations. I called with 2 days to spare! That was enough excitement for me on Saturday!

Hubby assembled our tree on Friday. Now today I will put on the lights and decorate it. Here are a couple of the ornaments I have been making that are my reproduction of ones I have seen at Crate and Barrel. They are pretty easy but I wouldn't say quick. LOL!

This one is for my daughter's boyfriend. He picked out the colors of felt that he liked. There is an opening at the top and it's the perfect size for a gift card. I used a large cookie cutter to trace the mitten onto felt. To attach the ovals I used Felt Glue, I made an identical one for my son and I sewed the ovals on. Either way works just fine.
(*Click to enlarge*)

This one is for my DD, she is into these colors for ornaments this year. She and her bf picked up a bunch of ornaments at Bronner's in these colors in October. On the ornament above I sewed beads on the oval and on this one I sewed on sequins.
(*Click to enlarge*)
Ok, I am off to get everything going here. I do have a plan to keep myself from getting overwhelmed~thank goodness!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!!!


jet1960 said...

Love the felt ornaments! You make the prettiest things!

Judy said...

I'm so glad things worked out OK for you. How scary for awhile, one of the blood pressure raising things. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday. You are going to be a busy girl in December. I love your mittens too, way too cute.

Barb said...

Hi Kim,

I'm so glad that the kidneys are o.k. Prayer answered.

Don't try to do too much at once. it sounds like you have a lot going on.

Have fun on your getaway. You enjoy that warm weather.


Dawn said...

That was a close call with your reservations! I'm glad you called in time. I would have been heart broken! I hope you get your money back!!!

The ornaments look wonderful! I love making Christmas items. It does seem that I don't seem to have enough time.

take care,


Cute ornaments! Have fun decorating for Christmas.


dana said...

Hi Kim, Doesn't making those phone calls just drive you nuts! I had a crazy experience yesterday trying to order something on-line yesterday during the big ol "Cyber Mon." Madness !!! It took a very long time to save $30, but it finally worked. NOW, I just pray my cr. card was charged correctly AND that I actually get the items I ordered BEFORE Christmas!
Hope you're feeling OK! L, Dana

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Pfew good thing you called when you did! I'm glad you'll still have someplace to stay :0). The ornaments look great. You're so talented!
It's really going to be a busy month isn't it? Have fun at D-world, take lots of pictures to share.

Wendy said...

I'm glad things worked out with the vacation!

Those ornaments are cute!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Kim, those are the cutest little mittens !


Hi Kim,
I am also glad that everything worked out for your vacation:) Very sweet ornaments that you MADE:) You could put a yo-yo on one??!!Looking forward to seeing your tree and Christmas decorations.
Christmas JOY to You.

Kim G. said...

Whoa! Glad to hear the reservation was still there and you're getting a cheaper price. That sounded like it could have been a sticky situation. I sure hope you have a good trip, I want to go!!! The ornaments are darling, I like DD's colors!

Anonymous said...

This stuff sounds stressful!! But, glad the decorating is lifting your spirits :) Cute stuff! Please show us more.

Anonymous said...

Morning Kim! So glad you can still go on vacation!!! You just never know who you're dealing with these days! Love the felt ornaments; doing buttonhole stitch on felt is very relaxing and these also have a use too!!! Very cute. Stay sane - Sincerely, Jeannette

Bella Casa said...

Those ornaments are adorable, Kim!

I am sorry about your deposit, at least you are recouping some with the rate drop, but still.

We stayed at a really nice condo when we went to Orlando in 2006. It is privately owned by a couple in Minnesota, they have a house, too, that they rent out. If you ever want their contact info, just let me know. Our condo was a townhouse, with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, attached sunroom w/pool, it was really nice...and soundproof! lol We never heard anything from the people next door, loved that!

Hope you have wonderful birthdays and Christmas and vacation :)

We came out here from the east side...and we definitely get more snow out here and it hangs on longer, too...I used to love snow and wish for it all the I got my wish and you know what they say about be careful what you wish for ;) lol

Take care,

Joy said...

What charming ornaments that you made Kim! You should open an Etsy shop and sell them if you haven't already. :o)

Michelle said...

Such adorable ornaments!

So happy everything got resolved with your reservations :)

Have a wonderful day!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Your ornaments are darling! I started making a ornament weeks ago... still not finished. What your non-stress plan? I might need one myself. :) xoxo, Joanna

Lisa B. said...

Wow! And I thought I was busy!! I think I need a plan?! I'm glad to hear things worked out with your vacation you get your deposit back:)


I stopped by to wish a happy and joyful day!

Love and blessings,

Dawn said...

Good morning Kim. I hope you are doing well. I am stopping by to tell you that I have something for you on my blog. Stop by when you get a chance.

take care,

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am stopping by to say Hello and I am trying to catch up on my visits with Friends!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Kim! The felt mitten ornaments are precious! :) ~Rhonda

celestina marie said...

Hi Kim, glad the reservation situation worked out with a savings too.
The ornaments are adorable. Love the colors.
Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas.
hugs, Celestina