Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Doggy

Hello...Thanks to all of you who have been praying for my dad and family and for all the wonderful comments. This all means the world to me. I am so very tired and trying to help my mom via the phone manage my dad's care. He is having good days and bad days which is to be expected with this type of surgery. The surgeon said it's the worst surgery anyone could ever have.

Yesterday we were back to the emergency room but this time for our dog. She fell a few times yesterday and became short of breath easily. When the mail lady came she barked at her per usual but then got so short of breath that she fainted. (I didn't know dogs could faint). Later we noticed her tummy becoming distended so off to the vet for emergency care. They took her right back and did a quick ultra sound on her tummy and found blood. Then they took an x-ray and a more thorough ultra sound. They found a tumor on her spleen and her spleen was bleeding. She had surgery at midnight and we will know between Saturday and Wednesday if it is cancer. (There is an 80% chance it is). Not good odds but none of her other organs are showing cancer. So we will see what the vet says and what type of cancer it is (if it is cancer) and if it's the worst possible type of cancer we will put her down. (She would only have a short time left and we don't want her to suffer with this recovery only to suffer more and die any way). We did the surgery in hopes that is benign and not an aggressive tumor. The surgeon said he found several on the spleen so I don't know what to think. As for now she is awake and alert at the pet hospital.

I am so sorry for being such a downer but we are having one thing after another. But praise God my dad is still recovering nicely.

I will be around to all of you soon. I have so many thank you's to post and I promise I will!


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jet1960 said...

Kim, I'm so sorry about your doggy. I know I will be devastated if/when something happens to one of ours. Angel is older and we know her days are short, but it will still be so hard to let her go. Especially hard when other things are going on as well. Hope you Dad is still recovering ok.