Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Just wanted you all to know that I am so very thankful for all of my blogging friends!!! You all bring joy to my life! I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

On a side note...the ultrasound came back good. I will be having bloodwork again in March and if it's still not good, I will see a nephrologist (kidney specialist).

Take care! Hugs!



Judy said...

Hi Kim, have a very happy Thanksgiving. I'm glad the ultrasound turned out OK!!

Meredith Teagarden said...


Happy Thanksgiving to you! Gosh, why did I think you were an Aussie??

Sorry to hear about your kidneys! Or kidney. I pray all is well for you!! So scary when things go awry with our bodies. Please keep us posted. I have missed a lot as I have been gone, but am glad to see your US is good! WHEW.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kim!

Angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! So thankful you are okay...enjoy the long weekend!

Love, Angie


Hello Friend,


Many you have a blessed day with family and friends and some good food.

I'll be having our big meal on Sat as the kids have plans tomorrow:)
Take care and glad the test showed nothing:)

Joy said...

Thank God your ultrasound came back good! What a huge blessing. Happy Thanksgiving Kim!

Sincerely Yours said...

Morning Kim! Hope yesterday was a great day for you! I hope your hubby has today off so you get some extra time together! Glad ultrasound was good; the first test may just have been done wrong!So don't worry yourself all the way til March!!! Hope you have a fun weekend! I'm alone today so I hope to get a few things done to catch up! I'm so glad we can call each other friend! Your comment meant a lot to me!!! Take care dear - Sincerely, Jeannette

Karen said...

Glad to hear such good news!

Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Kim! Now I know I left you a message on this post?but since I don't see it I'll leave you another!lol Hope you enjoyed your holiday and your weekend as well. I'm glad your test came back ok and I hope you don't worry yourself silly until March!! I haven't put up a single Christmas dec this weekend and really don't care!lol I'm going to go upstairs now and enjoy a cup of hot choc and a few magazines but wanted to tell you to enjoy the rest of the weekend! Talk later - Sincerely, Jeannette

Michelle said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! So glad to hear the ultrasound came back favorably!

Are you expecting a lot of snow down your way? They say we are up here :)

Happy Sunday!


Dawn said...

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. It was time joyfully spent with family! I hope you had one just as pleasant.

I'm glad to hear that your test results came back ok. Are you still drinking all of that water?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for March!

take care,