Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ravinia-Steely Dan


Saturday we had the chance to
go to the Ravinia Festival.
Steely Dan was the band there.
All day it had been raining and
storming on and off.

I was very hesitant about going
with iffy weather.
The reason...
lawn seats!
I took one for the team,
8 of us packed our coolers,
chairs, blankets, umbrellas
and candles.

Waiting to enter the gates.
Rain clouds all around but we're pushing on.
Those are all strangers to me in the above pic.

Making the best of it and
praying for no rain...
I took a picture of the pretty

We all ran in when the gates opened to
claim our prime spots.
We sent up our temporary camp.
Looking at the sky,
I know we are in trouble!
It rained some during our picnic.
Just an annoying rain.

I sucked it up,
even though I am not a get wet
kind of girl!
Here's a pic of the pretty and delicious fruit plate.

Wine to ease the nerves of
possible rain/storms.

As the sun went down,
candles were lit.
The rain was holding off!
Some more wine was drunk/drank.

just before...
Then I felt rain going down the
back of my pants!
Not a camper, not a sit in the rain girl!

Steely Dan didn't even play anything popular until
we packed everything up when the rain
died down to a drizzle and
started walking to our car.

I sat on a towel on the way home.
Drenched like a rat!
Did I already say...
I'm not a sit in the rain kind of girl???

So yeah...
Today is hubs and my
27th anniversary.
He's the kind of man who remembers to
make the reservations!
(LOL, have you seen that commercial?)
Going for a nice dinner in a pretty
dress on a pretty and DRY day.
Tomorrow the celebration continues
as we go to see The Help.

Hope you all have a great day!!

1 comment:

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You made me smile! I love Steely Dan, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't walk from the parking lot carrying all that stuff, waiting in line and eating anything outside with the bugs, for him or any band unless they were joining me for the wine with candles!!!!!!!
Happy anniversary, GF! 27 years is a long time...... Amazing how fast the time goes by.
They say "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes!"