Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hatha Yoga

(I can!)

I recently started exercising again.
A friend of mine asked if I would like to
try yoga (Hatha Yoga).
The instructor is so patient and
helps you through it.

I started with light and easy.
The first few times I would
just drip sweat.
It was a challenge.
I convinced my hubs that this
would be a great addition to his
exercise routine to make him
more flexible.
We did a couple more light and easy classes.

Saturday, I decided it was time for me
to go twice a week.
I chose Saturday mornings and
Monday evenings.
We show up Saturday morning and
get all set, not knowing we entered
the advanced class!
The instructor laughed at me half
way through as I'm really sweating
my way through! She said:
You said you wanted to get stronger!
I do and I am!
Well, it turns out that Monday's
are actually advanced classes too!
She had just been modifying them to easy
because there were a lot of new people.
So, Saturday and last night I did
advanced yoga.
Oh do my abs hurt!!!
Who knew yoga was such a core
building thing!
I was completely ignorant about yoga,
until now!

I am enjoying it very much though!
I would suggest others with fibromyalgia try
the light and easy yoga.
It is really helping the pain level in my trigger areas.
When I get use to the advanced class,
I will increase to 3 days a week.

Have you tried anything new lately??
I will try making that pillow,
I think I need to move it to next week.
I didn't realize all I needed to do this week.

Have a great day!!!

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Look beyond the picket fence said...

I think I should try some version of yoga. I know it is good for you! My daughter goes and she loves it. And another reason is I really love yoga pants! I haven't tried anything new lately, I think I should!