Tuesday, August 2, 2011

100 Days!!!!

We are so excited to go!
We have beyond stressed this year
and this trip is a much needed de-stresser!!!

Today, I am really excited to say
that I booked the Wild Africa Trek
at Disney's Animal Kingdom!!!
It is a 3 hour tour, have a look at the link above.

The highlight of this trek for my husband is
going to be walking on the bridge above these guys!
He cannot wait!

Photo taken at the Animal Kingdom.

This year we are taking the hubs sister along,
she is beyond excited too and she and I
have purchased our safari hats! :-)

Another highlight will be
at Downtown Disney.
Oh the excitement is building!!!

Now when we are 100 days
from moving...
the excitement of another kind
will be building!!!
Disney will take away those thoughts
for  6 whole days!!!

Hope you have something fun to
think about!!!

Have a great day!


Ladybug said...


Enjoy the trip relax...:-)
your in thoughts and prayers
Blessings / Hugs

momstheword said...

Oh, what fun you are going to have! I wish I was going back!

We went to Disney World for my son's graduation trip and got back in June. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour (or whatever it's called) and enjoyed it a lot.

I read your comment to Sharyl of The Little Brown House. Do join us at WIWW! I am in my 50's and would love to see somemore over 40's on there!

You can get a full length mirror for about $5 at Target (and maybe Walmart too). I have a $5 mirror from Target that I use sometimes, but most times I use the bathroom mirror because the lighting is better.

Look beyond the picket fence said...

It is always nice to have something to look forward to. We were actually at Disney right around the time AK opened. We went very early in the morning, we were told that was the best time to see the animals. I was not all that excited about going to AK, but I was so happy I went, I loved it! I loved the Rain Forest Cafe. I loved it all!