Friday, December 10, 2010

My Hair Secret

Sorry no pics today.
I have been keeping a secret about my hair.
After moving here my doctor said my thyroid
was running high.

He and I have been having a decade debate as
to what level my thyroid should be.
He wants to keep it at laboratory levels.
I personally feel my best when it is at the high
side of normal and one tick above normal.

So, as per usual...
we debated my thyroid levels in August.
I reluctantly agreed to a tiny drop in my
dosage of thyroid medication,
even though in my heart and soul,
I knew I felt great despite the numbers.

With the drop of medication,
my hair started falling out in hand fulls!
I, literally, clogged the tub when I took a shower.
(Much to hubby's frustration!)
After a month and a half of this,
hubby convinced me to increase my dose
(against medical advice)
to see what would happen.
At this point I had lost an
inch to inch and a half of hair just around my face.
The rest of my head is considerably thinner too.

My hair did stop falling out : )
I went to see the doctor who was not pleased with me.
He said many things can cause hair loss.
I told him that I knew how my body reacted.
I am very sensitive to changes in my body
and very sensitive to medication.
I have been dealing with this for over 20 years!
For some reason since my thyroid was destroyed,
my levels just won't level off.
He sent me for labs...again...
guess what they came back normal for a change!
That doesn't happen very often.
Long story short,
I know my body.
I was right.

This week...
my hair started growing back around my face.
Many, many tiny little grey hairs.
So what if they're grey...

I will probably be sporting bangs
when these hairs get unruly.
It will grow out!
At least it is hair!

It's really hard to hide
hair loss sometimes.
Mine could be worse
but I'm a girl.
I want my hair!

Now back to the holiday season!
I got my gift of hair!



goldenbird said...

I'm sorry you were losing your hair, that must have been hard to deal with. Good for you for standing up to your doctor and telling him you know your own body. They don't listen enough as far as I am concerned. Glad it is growing back now.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Good for you, Kim! You knew what was right and you went for it!:) I struggle with my thyroid, too. SO fun. Mine is a lazy one.:( I am happy for your hair!:) Lori


Hi Kim,
Love the yarn wreath on your door! Very cleaver!
So happy that your hair is coming back..and Sometimes WE do know more than our DR!!! Good for you!
Have a great weekend.
Enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor.

Emma's stocking already has gifts in it ! Cute!

Kimmie said...

Hi Kim

Another Kim here from Australia!

Love your blog!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

My hair is really thin-so is my Mom's. Dr. did the thyroid test Tuesday. It came back ok 2 years ago. I think it's hereditary.
I am happy that you are growing hair. And I think I am a pretty good judge of my own body as well. My dr. will prescribe when I call and tell him what is wrong. I can even tell him what I need for him to prescribe. lol

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I have thin hair, but I always have. I am glad to hear yours is coming back. I hear it is going to be very, very cold in Chicago this weekend. My Patriots are coming in to play the Bears! Stay warm!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Glad Kim things are turning around
for you, Glad you stood your ground with your Dr,I'm one has my
say too, We woman know our bodies
That's on reason I have all Female
Dr's when I can,they understand us...
Take Care mt friend..:-)

sara's art house said...

Wow! So glad it is growing back!!!

Barb said...

I am so sorry about your hair loss but glad that it is growing back...and gray is the rage now...HA!!! is here.


Wow! So glad it is growing back too Kim !!!