Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Scarf for My Besties

Hope all your holiday prep and planning is going well!
This may be my last post until after the holidays.
I need to get things baked, wrapped and packed
to head back to MI for Christmas.

I, also, need to finish up these...

While I'm home,
I get to see most of my besties!
We are getting together on the 27th! : )
I'm making them all these scarves.
They will have different fabrics on each of them.
I found these Columbia fleece scarves on clearance
I then went to
to get a coupon code for 25% off any size order.
The cost per scarf $4.80 plus shipping.
Not bad!

I wore my scarf to lunch today.
Sorry about the yellow-ish picture.
This apartment bathroom has horrible lighting!

Ok, I'm off to make some scarves and to clean.
Have a joyous and blessed holiday season!!!


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Kimmie said...

Your friends will be THRILLED with their beautiful scarves!


Hi Kim,
Yes, I agress that your "besties" will love their scarfs!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
deb :)

sara's art house said...

Love the scarf!

Trish-Ladybug said...

These are beautiful and Yes your
besties will be THRILLED for sure!
handmade gifts are the best...

Merry Christmas KIm and enjoy
the time with your besties


Look beyond the picket fence said...

I am sure they will love them! Have a very Merry Christmas back in MI. I still have a lot to do myself and yet I am sitting here looking at all my favorite blogs! I must get up and make something, I am not sure what but I am sure it will come to me!

goldenbird said...

Hope you have fun with your besties! Your handmade scarf is very cute and I'm sure they will love it. Merry Christmas, Kim, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Ann said...

Your scarf look so lovely...

Happy holidays:)

dana said...

Your scarf is darling....and so is that picture of you with the scarf on!! :)

It was so wonderful to see your comment when I rolled in was my FIRST day to shop for Christmas!! I know you are probably gasping and choking out the words, "WHAT? The FIRST day?" Yep....this was my first chance. The mall wasn't horrible, but I didn't really find much. I found a few things at our local Target....then,bombed out at Dick's. Tomorrow a.m., Bright and Early, I am heading to another shopping venue. I hope to knock off several items on my list.....guess I'd better, huh? :)

Gotta get supper ready....

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Kim. Be save on your trip!!

L, Dana

Together We Save said...

Beautiful!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

Where did the year go? Yes, I will agree it has been very nice getting to know you this year. We have a lot in common. I love being creative, it is in my blood and I think I have passed it on to the next generation. As I write this I am decorating a batch of gingerbread men I made earlier today. I love to bake, it's a way to be creative. I love to make the packaging extra special this time of year. I I have dishes in the sink, not so special!
Have a very merry Christmas!
I am pretty sure I am taking a little blog vacation until the first of the year. I love the week after Christmas! No stress! At least that is usually how it goes! I hope this year is the same!

steviewren said...

Merry Christmas Kim. Enjoy your time with your Besties. I know they will love the scarves.

Julies Knit & Sew Corner said...

Thank you Kim for your warm wishes, enjoy your Christmas holidays. Julie.C

Terra said...

Cute crafty scarves for your besties.