Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creative Packaging

While wrapping my son's gifts,
I needed a roundish box.
I saved a cornmeal box,
cleaned it out,
added some paper with Mod Podge
and then added some pretty ribbon.
Easy peasy.

My daughter asked me to mail her brother's gift card for her.
She gave me an Altoid's tin and said do something with it.
With not having a lot of time on my hands,
I used the same paper as the last,
traced the tin onto it
and cut it out.
I used Mod Podge again to adhere the paper to the tin.
Added the same kind of ribbon
and Ta-Da!

Now to get to the UPS Store to mail all his things.
Slowly making progress on my
Christmas to-do list!

Have a great day! Keep warm if you're any place cold like me!




What'a darling and creative idea KIM ~!!
EMMA Oh that is so funny ..her little nose smelling that snowman ..(:)

Incipient Wings said...

these look great! it's pretty warm here....78 at the moment..not too Christmasy feeling i'm afraid:(

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I have heard it is very cold in Chicago! We had a heat wave here it was in the 40's yesterday! I love green packing! I am border line obessed! Your containers came out very nice. I am sure your son will love them and maybe pass them on to someone else. Then it will be very green! I mailed a package today by UPS, we certainly have a lot in common!
Have a great night! Stay warm!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Clever creative idea... :-) Love
it when we can re-purpose ...
Well it's warm here today again
72, happy to send some your way..

Winter Blessings
hugs Trish

Plumrose Lane said...

What a fabulous find you are ~ loved visiting your blog!

Kimmie said...

How innovative and very creative you are! They do not look like recycled items they look like highly expensive gift packaging. Well done!