Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas in a Tiny Apartment

This is my first Christmas in the apartment.
It's not so bad.
I brought just enough with me from Michigan to
make it all pretty.

Here ya go...

Clarice and Mickey ornaments.
This tree use to sit in my dining room back home.
I put our favorite nostalgic Christmas cartoon
ornaments on this tree.

Along with the cartoon characters,
you'll find bits of nature,
tiny balls,
tiny candy canes
and many other tiny ornaments.

This is Emma's stocking.
Sometimes she sits near it and stares up at the reindeer.

 My pretty nativity.
The turquoise tree is from my son,
the picture doesn't show it's true color.
Turquoise is my new color for Christmas,
this year.

The picture shelf.
I finally got pictures developed for it.
Just need to add them.
The snow people pair,
I bought for hubby 2 years ago for the apartment.

My parents brought me tons of pine cones
from Florida last year.
These are hanging on the inside of our door.
I want to spray paint the frame a lime green in the spring.

I used more of the many pinecones on our buffet.

My attempt at a yarn ball wreath.
I need to run to Target to get more glitter balls
to add around the yarn balls.
I just need to find the time!

There you have it!
Christmas in a tiny apartment.
It feels great to me!

Have a great day!!!


goldenbird said...

Love that picture of Clarice and Minnie (I didn't know her name was Clarice, would have thought it was Bambi.)Emma's stocking is adorable and of course I love that yarn wreath. So clever.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Kim, my favorite is the
Nativity set, My dates back to
1965,hubby have to repair the
stable last year for the frist
time,Love the snowman too..
it's all lovely...thanks for
Christmas Blessings...

steviewren said...

I really like your Nativity. I'm have a couple, but I think I'm just getting the big one out this year.

I have a skinny tree, but I still cram almost all of my ornaments on it. It's so hard to leave off any favorites.

Crickit said...

Very pretty decor. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us! :)

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Beautiful! I have the same nativity and I love it!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

I love your nativity :)