Thursday, February 11, 2010


Morning!!! While it was never my intent for my blog to become a story of my life, it was intended to be a place to share my treasure hunt finds, it has become exactly that. I hope you don't mind! I promise to share more treasures and I actually have some crafts to share with you tomorrow!

Last night was the wedding reception tasting at the reception site. The caterer brought in a bunch of vendors and they decorated the site like a wedding with all sorts of different centerpieces and table decor. I took a few pics of things I really liked and may use for other occasions. Before last night we had already booked all of our vendors but it was fun to see other's ideas. Here are some photos from the night....

The ceiling of the reception site is beautiful! I love how the DJ/Band stage is elevated off the dance floor. The reception site is on Lake St. Clair and has a beautiful view!!! I particularly loved these centerpieces. They'd be pretty for everyday at my house!

The buffet was set up with soooo much food! Several brides and their families were present for the tasting. We thought we'd get a bite of this and that but we received a whole meal! Everything was delicious, some of the best reception food I've had in a long time!


Hope you're all having a great day! of my bridal shower craftiness...LOL! These are crafts you can use for everyday not just showers.


Angie said...

Oh Kimmie..I am so excited for all of you! That sounds like it would be pretty fun actually! I think the snow has finally stopped here for good..we have just under 18 inches..the most we have had in a long time! Can't wait to see the crafts you came up with!

Hugs ~ Angie


How fun to help with the wedding plans!! Such an exciting time for all of you!
Deb :)

HuckleberryKim said...

Yummy! The food looks good, not your usual dried out chicken breast. The cake has me drooling.

Anonymous said...

Morning Kim! Looks delicious! I love the orchids in the glass jar! What a great place for the reception! I'll stop back later to see the craftiness!lol Have a great weekend - Hugs, Jeannette

Judi said...

Hi Kim
THATS what it all seems to be about...sharing our lives and our happinesses and our crafts and our disappointments...

How very exciting for you. That is a great way to sample and choose for a special day. I love it. Everything looks so pretty at this reception.

Keep on sharing... :o)
and have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy said...

Sounds exciting!!