Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Knock-Off

Hi, my name is Kim and I love Ann Taylor Loft! What I don't always like is their prices....while checking out their new arrivals I came across this cute tank...
I know....right up my alley, right...I mean has yo-yos on it!!! Since I knew I wouldn't spend $24.50 on a fairly simple tank top...I decided to make a knock off. Target had their tanks on sale for $7 and I have oodles of fabric scraps and you all know I love to make here it is...

Yo-yos in coordinating colors...made using the largest yo-yo maker by Clover.

I stitched them on through the tank fabric and through the back layer of the yo-yo so you wouldn't see the thread on the yo-yo.

All sewn on. Sorry for the tank being all smashed up. (I was in a hurry this morning).
Hope you like go make your own! It was so quick and easy! Have a great day and don't forget I have something BIG planned for Saturday!!!


Michelle said...

Oh Kim, this turned out GREAT...I love it! You did a wonderful job!


YOU are the woman!!! Love it! I don't make yo-yo's so your top is extra special.
Deb :)

Liz said...

Hey! That's darn cute! :)


Anonymous said...

Morning Kim! Love it love it! The color combo you picked - Perfect!! Now ya got me thinking again!!! I'm cracking up at Emma's picture; she might like snow but she doesn't look like it in the first pic. Really cute!! Hope you have a sunny day so some of that white stuff melts! I'm gonna try and get at least one thing done around here today??lol Talk to ya soon - Sincerely, Jeannette

dana said...

Glad to see that you are still putting those great yo-yos of yours to fabulous use!! How cute. Unfortunately...I have flabby arms, so no tank tops for me! Bet the yo-yos would look cute on a tee, too!

Love your snowy photos, the birds at the feeder and that CUTE Emma! She's a snow dog, even with those short legs!

Our temps are FINALLY gonna warm a bit this weekend. The 40s on Monday! Yah-Hoo!

Have a great weekend! L, dana

Joy said...

You go with your bad self!

Wendy said...

That is adorable! I have to try those one day.

Carol said...

I love this!! However, I have no idea how to make a yoyo.