Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tagged Twice!

Hello all! I've been tagged twice! The first one I was tagged by fitty's pink rose cottage. I am to answer the following 7 questions. So here goes...

~Where have you traveled? Canada, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Washington D.C., North Carolin, Kentucky and Tennessee...I almost forgot... Florida and the Caribbean!
~Where would you like to live? I like my house here in Michigan but will eventually be moving to Illinois full-time.
~What is your decorating style? A bit of everything...I mix the old with the new. I will post a few pics soon.
~How many times have you been married? One time, almost 24 years.
~Favorite color: shades of pink, green, brown and white~
~What is your proudest accomplishment? 2 kids...one soon to be a meteorologist and one soon to be an elementary/middle school teacher
~What would we be absolutely shocked to learn about you? Hmmm...I guess that will go along with my second tag today...I really don't listen to music. I like it but when I'm alone in the car...I like to be quiet and have time to think.

Now I will tag these ladies (if you've been tagged before and don't want to do this again...no problem!)....

Kim at BellaDella and Joy at Books and Life!

Ok have a fun and great day! Hugs!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the tag- that was my first! I had to admit I like answering questions like that. Makes you think. Thanks for not hitting me with the music one. I can't tell you who sings anything :) Have a great night.

Kim V.
PS- I need to find out what your 'V' stands for.

Cami said...

I'm married to a meteorologist. Met in college. Thought Grad School would kill us both! I hope your son enjoys it as much as my husband.

Jen r. said...

Great and interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing! Your kid's are doing some great things! The mark of a great mother ;) Jen R

Joy said...

Thanks for tagging me.. I think I did it right...lol Have a great day!