Monday, July 7, 2008

I am back!

Good morning! I am back from my long break, hope you all had a great holiday!!! We had a good break but glad to be back to my own schedule. We spent some time here, some time at our Chicago-area apartment and a day in Caseville, MI. I have some pics of some of my new treasures coming up later today, hopefully. I found one at Marshall's near our apartment (sorry don't know the cities around Arlington Heights yet...we are new to this area) and I found some treasures at the Armada Flea Market here in Michigan. I didn't find much though, especially this last Sunday...a lot of booths but not a lot of finds. I probably could have found a lot on Saturday while headed to Caseville, but my parents expected us around a certain time so we didn't stop. I really wanted to though as we drove by thrift stores a big yard sales...sigh. While in Caseville I hoped to find some buried treasure in the woods behind my parents. We took the metal detector out there but only managed to find rusty nails, a bolt and a bent piece of good treasure. There were way too many people to take it down to the beach but maybe next time.

Wow that got long...still reading?? If so, I will get those pics taken today and try to post them too. Along with that I am going to catch up on email and all of your blogs! Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!!!

Happy treasure hunting till then and hugs!

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Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Good morning, Kim! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Don't you love Caseville? They have one of the more beautiful beaches in the area. As you discovered, we don't have too much treasure shopping around here, but what we have is definitely worth visiting.

Next time you're up, pop over to Port Austin and visit The Haven on Railroad Street (runs off Lake Street, the main street in town that runs into the lake). If you have time, drive further around the east side of the Thumb on M25 and you will run into Hattie's on the Thumb (you can find the exact address on -- it's maybe 30 or 40 miles past Port Austin?? Just guessing how far, don't really know.)

Helen and Angie at the Haven and Dianne at Hattie's are AWESOME and you are guaranteed to find some goodies.

If you like newer things, travel about 17 miles south from Port Austin on M53 (same road as Lake Street) and visit Country Village. Darling set up in a HUGE barn and several old buildings. Gorgeous concrete statues, incredible Christmas decor, lots of decorating styles, beautifully displayed. Don't be fooled by how big it (does not) look from the road -- it's HUGE! Enormous selection of really nice silk flowers, too - FAR nicer than you see in the chain stores.

But for cottage treasures, you'll love the Haven and Hattie's. I'll be doing posts on all of these places soon, and you'll see how fabulous they are!

I've added you to my faves becuz I want to stop back and see what all you found this trip!