Monday, August 16, 2010


IKEA, need I say more? Going from 2800 sq. ft. house with a basement to a 635 sq. ft. apartment with no basement and limited storage was making me a little nutty. Where to put everything???? Then the new fall IKEA catalog appeared in my mailbox. ***Lghtbulb moment***!!! This catalog has been a big inspiration to me! So off to IKEA we went on Saturday morning!

IKEA, Schaumburg, IL

Our living room needs a lot of help! Who am I kidding the whole place needs a lot of help! We decided a wall unit is in order.

We saw this one and it goes well with our hand me down IKEA dining set but I think I want a little different look for the living area. We found one we like...too many people near it to photograph. We decided it will be our Christmas gift to each other. Pictures to come in December! I can't wait to decorate it for the holidays!

Next, the dark dank hallway to the door. We don't have an entry closet and I hate coats hanging on the back of dining room chairs and the dog leash laying on the table. Then there was the shoe issue. Here is our IKEA-esque solution...


After. IKEA uses lots of shelves for storage. I found these cute bamboo and steel shoe racks at Costco. Costco ended up being less expensive than IKEA for the look I wanted. I found the shelf above it at Marshall's and the hooks for the coats and leash at Hobby Lobby along with the monogram "V" above it. Much better if I say so myself.

Close up of the coat hooks and "V".
This is the true color of all our walls. I can't get good pictures in here.

The shoe rack and shelf (yet to be properly accessorized). Why the pair of shoes on the floor? I cannot convince the hubs to leave them on the rack. These are his "go to" shoes when the dog needs to go out or the trash has to go out. He can just slip them on faster this way *SIGH*.

Next up, the only area we have to store our drinkables. For 3 years (prior to my arrival here) hubs kept them on the floor here behind the dining room table. Yuck! Ugly!

Ugly, agreed?

I found this bench in the IKEA catalog and thought it would fit perfect in this very narrow space. Everything enclosed was to wide for here. So this was the solution...

Much better, not perfect but better and neater.

This was just the beginning of my adjusting and making do with small spaces. Stay tuned in the coming 6 months or so as we keep IKEA-ing our space.

Have a great day!!!


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Great ideas. I am convinced that without adequate storage, our homes are always a mess. Looks like you are winning the battle against clutter by making good choices.

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I have never been to Ikea! Good luck with getting everything in order! It looks like you are on the right path! I hope you enjoyed the game!


Hi Kim,
Great finds to make your place like HOME!!! It would be hard to down size. I have too much junk...
Fun goodies from the swap and I think you should make some of those hair clips with your yo-yo's.Hope kitty is doing better. Moving is stressful for everyone.
Love the wall unit...have fun decorating.
deb :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Never been to IKEA but I know Cindi and Mike have--probably another thing you have in common.
How was your ball game?
I love the coat rack ( and the other things ) but I really like the coat rack alot!

Jeannette said...

Hi Kim! Good solutions!!! You must be having fun getting creative during your downsizing mission!lol I am laughing because Dan never puts his shoes on the rack I have in the garage!!lol I always wonder what the hurry is and why he can't bend over to put them up!lol Keep up the good work! Have a great week - Sincerely, Jeannette

Julies knitting corner said...

You are being busy, I have been to Ikea but it was a long time ago. They have some great ideas for storage its always worth a visit. Julie.C

dana said...

Hi Kim!! THANK YOU for stopping by. . . I nearly teared up when I saw it was YOU!! My blog visiting has been skimpy....this has been a very busy summer. It looks like your life has been crazy, too!! First, your daughter looked gorgeous in her gown...and you were beautiful, too! What a wonderful day! So, you made the move to the apartment, huh? I knew that day was coming for you. I know you must miss so much about your old place, but it looks like you're feathering this new nest just fine! I love the creative ways you are making the smaller abode work for you! I'm sorry your kitty is having a rough time. Our cat walked around meowing lots and lots when we first moved here. I didn't let him go into the basement (which we'd partially finished) until he'd calmed down upstairs. Once he was used to the upper level, I'd let him downstairs.....and he was back to pacing and meowing there, too! However, over time, he settled down is has been just fine!

I'm glad to see you are back to yo-yoing and participating in swaps.....I'm working on things to sell in my first fall show this Saturday. eeek!! I'd better get off the computer and get to work!!

PLEASE visit again...and I'll visit you, too! L, Dana

PS I got my iPod free cuz they are having the promotion for buying the computer for back to they let us use our daughter's student ID (she's in nursing school) when we bought my iMac...and we got the iPod and a printer free (we paid for them and we will be getting a rebate SOON, I hope!).