Sunday, August 3, 2008

A few photos of my treasures

Morning! Today I thought I'd share a couple corners of my home. They are a mix of old and new treasures from flea markets,thrift stores, antique stores, local nurseries and Marshall's. When I see these photos I really see the need for color on the walls! I have such trouble picking out color! I am very color challenged when it comes to paint! I can pick colors of cardstock for my art, color for fabric and clothing but colors for walls puts me in a panic! I cannot explain it! Well I hope you enjoy these pictures (remember you can click on them to enlarge them)! My hubby has a list of things I need him to hang for hopefully I can show you more photos in the coming weeks (he travels a lot, so we will see when he can get to them).

A little nook in the foyer. Apothecary jar from the Salvation Army, little birds, cage and nest in the cage from Weigand's Nursery, flowers from Michael's (years ago), conservatory candle holder was 50% off at Deneweth's Nursery, Willow Tree Angel a Christmas gift from DS and little birdhouse bell from a garage sale.

Corner of the foyer by the staircase. The table is a vintage wood plant stand that I
got at a garage sale for $10 (cracked top but still love it), bird house and glass footed bowl from Marshall's, candle from Target (years ago), eggs and fuzzy bird from Michael's, skeleton key from a flea market, pretty floral hand mirror from an antique store in Romeo, MI (cannot remember the name, it was years ago), birds from Weigand's Nursery and the necklace I purchased from Tiffany of Shabby Scraps.
Hope you all are having a great Monday! Happy treasure hunting and hugs!


belladella said...

Great pictures, Kim. Love your little nooks. Great mix of stuff. I'll be putting my new treasures away for weeks! I'll have to take some "After" pictures for you guys.


Afternoon Kim :)
It's fun seeing into the homes of other gals. Nice treasures and they look great. LOVE bargins.
To not be AFRAID to paint.. I was for the livingroom. I bought a gallon of "sage" and was SO Happy with the results. If I didn't like it, I'd just paint over it. With your color skills, you will be fine. I also matched the color from a pillow with the "sage" in it. You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
Warmly, Deb

Dana said...

I just loved your share of the items you have in your foyer. I totally know what you mean about selecting paint! I nearly croaked over picking colors for our house 3+ years ago. I ended up painting every room the same color--it's kind of a greenish, goldish, tanish. It's really neutral and goes with everything. Your pumpkins are looking wonderful! It is early for them to be oranging up---I hope you keep them in some place cool after you harvest them so you can "fill your stand" :-) Have you ever make "real" pumpkin pie ? My husband did when the kids were little--they even roasted the seeds. I personally like the texture of Libby's, but he was real proud of himself! Glad your computer problems are OK. We had a great trip and I am still really tired. I'm trying to catch up on the Pink Sat. posts. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I'm taking a break from yard work - ready to get a bulldozer and get rid of everything!lol I love your conservatory candle holder just gorgeous and your bird house is so cheerful in yellow. You are wise to wait for hubby to hang stuff. Wish I did because behind every picture there are 20-30 holes cuz I can't measure anything right!lol Have a great night - Jeannette

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there! I love your little vignetttes. Very pretty and serene. I went with a dark neutral that still goes with everything. Kinda on the gold side. Thanks for leaving such lovely comments. cherry

Joy said...

Love your accessories. I have a fondness for skeleton keys although I don't own even one yet.

Rosemary said...

Hi Kim,
I kind of did the same kind of post today, only outdoors.
I love all of your great finds!!!
Who cares if tables are cracked or things aren't perfect, that is what we love.
Thanks for sharing your pretty things.

Jeanne said...

Kim what pretty corners of your home. You are a good thrift shopper. Tables left empty mean nothing. This is what gives meaning to 'home'. Love it all, especially how you put your treasures together.

Hugs, Jeanne

Lisa B. said...

Lovely displays Kim!

I haven't found anyway to contact you by email...I wanted to thank you for signing up for my PIF. I would love to email you about it. You can email me from my "contact me" profile and I will get back with you. Thanks again Kim:)

cindy said...

Sweet little have some lovely things! Ain't Marshall's the best?


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kim!
I love all your treasures in your foyer! You have them displayed so beautifully. I sure love to find bargains, it's so much fun!
I cant believe your pumpkins are turning orange already! That really does mean fall is on the way, where did summer go? It seemed like 2 months have just whizzed by!!
Hugs, Sherry
Congrats on your win from Lorena! What lovely things!

Dawn said...

I have the same painting challenges that you have. Just about every wall is white. I have the palest shade of blue in two rooms but they look almost white LOL! I did get brave and had my kitchen painted green but it ended up not being a shade that I liked.

Your collections are very lovely. I love willow tree angels. :)

take care,

Angie said...

ohhh, I love that tall candle holder..very pretty! don't be afraid to paint...i thin once ya get some color up, you will find it just warms up the whole house! that yellow on the birdhouse is a great color!


jet1960 said...

I enjoyed looking at the lovely vignettes from your home. That is one of the areas of decorating I like, arranging items to tell a little story or make a little statement. When it comes to hanging things on the wall, I'm not so into that. As for wall surfaces, I usually choose something neutral so that it goes with everything. We have tan bead board paneling in the bedrooms and bath, whitewashed tongue and groove wood in the dining room, oak bead board paneling in the kitchen, and only in the living room have I went wild and actually put a color on the walls. In there I used a terracotta color, which being a earthy tone, I still feel like it is in a sense a neutral. It's on the top of the walls, with barnboard underneath. I love seeing color on the walls in other people's homes, just don't have enough courage to use it much myself. Think I'm afraid I'll tire of it too soon, for all the work that goes into painting.

Darlene said...

I LOVE all your great finds....My favorite is the conservatory candle holder....LOVE it!!!!!

Melissa said...

Ooh! I love your corner treasures! Your pumpkin is getting really orange! That's so exciting. You will be the first girl on the block with gorgeous REAL pumpkins for decorating. You're so lucky!
Happy Day!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OOO, pretty treasures. I found me some great ones this past Saturday.

A Romantic Porch said...

Those are such beautiful treasures! xorachel

Anonymous said...

very nice vignettes, love the little yellow church, so sweet!

Screaming Meme said...

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