Saturday, August 2, 2008

Computer Issues

Morning! Computer issues....

I saw on the Blogger Buzz that some of the blogs have been marked as Spam...maybe that is why I am having trouble getting to some you! My hubby is going to download Firefox for me later (I am not a computer person...I can do a little but I have a huge learning!!!) and see if that helps any.

I will post my Saturday Pumpkin Update later today or tomorrow...I want to be sure I am not having any further issues. I have already ran Spybot and Norton so we shall see.

Have a great day...hugs!


Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Kim, Kim, Kim -- Your yo yo bag is PHENOMENAL!! You did such a beautiful job with it.

Congratulations on your bloggy win, too -- isn't that so fun. Lorena is lovely and so is her work.

Thanks for the spam tip, too. Good to know so we can keep an eye out for it.

Pink Slippers said...

Yuck,yuck and more yuck. It can be so frustrating trying to figure things out sometimes. Hope you fix it or figure it all out.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Did you see the "note" from Blogger that they are working on that particular issue? Apparently it's not a problem with your blog, it's our host.
Don't fret to much. I will be back to see your Saturday pumpkin update. :0). Oh! Yo-Yo's look great and congrats on being the 'BIG WINNER'
Enjoy your day!

Heather said...

Hello! That must be the problem I encountered last night! I kept trying to log onto people's blogs and it would say action aborted or something like that and then blank out! I thought everyone must be removing their blogs!
Thanks for the update!!
And thanks for stopping by my blog!
Have a great weekend!
-Heather :)


Hi Kim,
Are you back? That was so weird. Sure don't like all that computer problems. Had a Very good day at the sales :):):) Hope your weekend is going super.
Take Care, Warmly, Deb

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Kim, Congrats on your win of some wonderful gifts! And your yo-yo's are so cute! They seem to be the rage in blogland, and I may just have to get on the bandwagon! LOL! Everyone is doing some cute projects with them! Yours look great! :) ~Rhonda

Dawn said...

Kim many of us have had that same problem. I was unable to visit some blogs for about a day. All seems to be better now.

take care,

Beth Leintz said...

Yikes! I swear computer problems are so frustrating. Hope hubby can get you up and running!