Sunday, August 3, 2008

Computer Issues and the Pumpkin Update


Computer Update: In my haste and frustration yesterday...I failed to mention that Blogger was indeed working on the issue of not being able to visit all the blogs...and the reason for most of my frustration was due tot the fact that I have been having issues for 2 weeks (un-Blogger related) with my computer due to Spyware and junk. Technology can sometimes frustrate me even though I do enjoy my computer and internet! So anyway, I can now visit blogs thanks to Blogger but am still working on the rest.

Delayed Pumpkin Update: It is so fall is indeed on the way. The first of the pumpkins are ripening, some of the tomatoes that normally ripen later in August are ripening too. It's still relatively hot but it just feels fall-ish. A friend of mine who lives north of me was saying the same thing. She said the trees are starting to look like they are heading to change. It just seems early to us. Here are the photos of the pumpkins!!! (Notice the leaves already starting to die off. Yep, we still have mildew too).

Orange already!

One of the later pumpkins.

Yesterday we went to the Blueberry Festival for the first time. We went with some friends who live in Leonard, MI. I was surprised...not many blueberry treats at all. One of the ice cream stores did have blueberry pie though. From what we hear, the event was a lot smaller than last year. We walked around the flea market...only 6 vendors, antique store (very cute, forgot to take a picture), had some ice cream and watched the cloggers. The clogging was fun, I clogged when I was younger, so it was neat to see.

Cloggers, so fun to watch! Poor things was hot out there!

Well, I think that's all for now. I should get to making some yo-yo's and other things around here. Hope you all are having a great time this weekend!




Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Kim! I hear your frustration with computer! I have an expert in the house thankfully though. Every time I've been down to log on I can't even get on-line since Friday! Hubby showed me what to do but still it slows me down! Don't they understand how important Blogging is!!!lol I am so ready for fall and your pumpkin is looking good! Going to get big by harvest!! All the fall stuff is in the craft store and I just purchased a new craft book to go look at! Have a great rest of weekend. Hope we can get on to talk again!lol - Jeannette (I'm dying to try something with yo yo's soon!)


Hi Kim,
Glad your computer is working again. I don't like problems in blogland...Your pumpkin is looking good. Such a pretty orange. Fall is my favorite time to the year. Just love when the leaves turn :)
Winter is too long for me.
Thanks for visiting my friend :)

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Kim! Glad you got your Blogger issues solved. Isn't it amazing how dependant we become on computers and don't even realize it 'till they're down!?

Pumpkins look great!! Do drop in to visit with me again!!
big hugs,

Dawn said...

Your pumpkin looks wonderful! It sort of gives you fall fever looking at them.

Oh, and blueberry pie sounds so yummy!!! I love fruit pies. I'd take that over any other dessert or sweet!

How fun it must of been to be a clogger. I have no grace and no rhythm. It certainly wouldn't look good coming from me :)

What are you making now with your yo-yo's?
take care,

Joanne Kennedy said...

How funny. I would have thought it would be hard to find anything but blueberries at the festival.

Sounds like you still had a fun time though.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

glad you're getting the puter issues worked out. It's the great pumpkin kim! I've enjoyed watching it's progress.
I wonder why the blueberry festival wasn't bigger? I've heard the same thing said about our last Strawberry festival.
I wish we were having 'fallis" weather. It's still way to hot. My a/c is cranked right now. pfew!

Angie said...

hiya Kim,

that's a bummer you are having computer issues..i know blogger has been quite temperamental with me lately, too..not letting me post comments..grrrr...your punkin is lookin so good! maybe i should bring the kids to kim's punkin patch this!


p.s. send some of that Fall weather over here! I am ready!

Michelle said...

Glad your computer issues are getting handled...such a pain, aren't they?!

My husband grew up a couple towns away from Imlay City! We've never been to the Blueberry Festival or anything, though.

Glad you had fun...hope you enjoy a wonderful week!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Your pumpkins are comming right along . Oh I hate to see summer end .I am not a winter peson at all ! I HATE it ! :0( :0(

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

It is nice to see your pumpkins are doing well. Do you have any recipes lined up yet? I am sure there will be a lot of carving! The pupkin cake I made last week was very good and simple to make. I made it with canned pumkin but I do think you could use fresh pumpkin.

cindy said...

Sooooo ready for fall and so tired of this darn heat! Love your pumpkins, they look wonderful. And the bluebery fest looked fun, but how sad a low turnout and less than last year. I hate when stuff like that happens in our little town.


Lisa B. said...

Love watching the pumpkins grow! I love summer festivals:) and blue berries!

LINDA said...

I, too, have had blogger issues but we persevere, don't we? I have dial-up which is a pain in itself. We have a strawberry festival near here and a watermelon feastival close also. Neither of them has their own fruit. they ship it in. Isn't that a hoot? This coming weekend is the sweet corn festival-something we have always enjoyed. They ship the corn in from Illinois. So I am not surprised by your lack of blueberries. There have been plenty of them in our stores here and they are delicious!

Wendy said...

The pumpkins are growing fast! I could kick myself for not planting them in time, lol.