Monday, April 18, 2011

The Future

I know it has been a while AGAIN!
Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks,
everything in MI will be taken care of.
Unfortunately, it's taking longer than planned.
Of course!


Here's the exciting news!
I can finally share...
we are building a town home in Elgin, IL.
We aren't quite sure when next year it will be completed,
it all depends on when they begin.
here is the model...

We have an end unit with 3 bedrooms and lots of windows!
My husband's favorite part is...

We have a perfect view of the golf course!
Across the street the street from us are single family homes.
Between 2 of the homes is a large open area that they call a park.
It has a bench for people to sit and watch the golfers.
Our townhouse sits between these 2 homes across the street.
Every window and our deck overlooks the beautiful course.
As you can imagine, we cannot wait!
So much to plan, so many blog posts to come!
So many projects to come!

Thanks for being patient with me as we
finish up our MI home.
We are praying for renters starting in June.

I hope the majority of you are enjoying spring!
We woke up to snow!!!!
It has since melted and will be 60 degrees on Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week!!!


April said...

How exciting, Kim...wishing the absolute best for you and your family! My husband would LOVE that view, too...very pretty!


Awesome new home to be!!! Very exciting for you! We have a golf course across the street from us. It's nice! No neighbors, just a FEW golf balls! LOL

Love your new puppy!
Have a wonderful Easter!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Awesome Style of your New Home..
what a view too... So excited for
you and your hubby... Please share
as the process goes along...

Such sweet new puppy :-)
Have a wonderful Passover Week
Warm Blessings
Trish-Ladybug ps. missed your
posts :-)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, Kim, I am so happy for you! This is wonderful for you both. It looks like a real nice neighborhood with real neighbors! Can't wait to see the progress and the decorating. And a landscape that is well-tended! It'll be like living in a resort!
Oh, now I'm envious!

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

What good positive news for you Kim, it looks great(is there room for me) the view looks fabulous.
I can't believe you had snow hope it clears soon.
best wishes Julie.C