Monday, November 8, 2010

Quilting, Learning Curve, Mug Rug

Here it is, the good the bad and the ugly!
My first attempt at making a really quilted anything...
it turned out wonky...
I learned along the way...
there are errors...
there are small victories...
have a looksie...
please don't laugh!

This is the back.
It looks better than the front.
By the time I got to the back...
I figured out how to attach the binding with
a pretty well hidden stitch.
I still need to work on ending the binding.

 This is the front.
I like the tree...
that's about it.
The front was where there are
the most trial and errors.

The next one should be mucho better!

Learning to sew is hard.
I used a lot of tutorials out on the web
to learn from.
I hope to be as talented as some of you great quilters...
some day.

Practice, practice, practice...
That's the goal!

Have a great day!


sara's art house said...

I love it! I think it is better when you can really tell that it is handmade :)

Mel said...

Be kind to yourself Kim; you have done a great job on it.

I've been sort of sewing for 20 something years and still have no clue. Some of the techniques you have tried are quite difficult, so be proud :)

Trish-Ladybug said...

Kim,we all learn as we go its the
fun of crafting and learning,So be
proud of your piece putting trim
binding are can be a little tricky
I been sewing since I be 9 yrs old
and still learn some new all the
time. just enjoy your piece :-)

Looking forward seeing your Bird-Seed Wreath too..
I'm a new follower ...

Blessings and hugs

Incipient Wings said...

you did a wonderful job!!!what a cute idea..a mug rug!!
before you know it you will be making king sized quilts without batting an eye:)

Look beyond the picket fence said...

Kim, learning a new technique is never easy. But you did finish the project, that says something about you. I You finish what you start! It looks really nice and whimsical. I like the colors and the tree is so cute. I say make another one! They would be great gifts!
The snow has melted away!

steviewren said...

I understand your pain, but I think it's great. I love your fabric combinations.

Check out the link I sent you about the binding. It showed how to do it flawlessly. The binding was my favorite part of my quilt. Probably because it was the only part I did right.

goldenbird said...

I admire you for learning how to quilt. It is something I have been talking about for a couple years but haven't quite worked up the nerve to try it. Your mug rug is adorable!

Wendy said...

Very cute!! I have only done the one quilt so far and it is nowhere near perfect! I havent even bound it yet! I think I'm scared of that step.