Monday, July 6, 2009

A Winner and My Week Away

Morning!!!! Thank you to all who entered my giveaway and for sticking with me this past year through my blog fogs and all!!! I love hearing from all of you!!! The WINNER of my giveaway is....DAWN of Dawn's Daybreak!!!! Email ( me your address Dawn and the bag will be on it's way! CONGRATULATIONS DAWN!!!!

This last week I got to get away with hubby whom I don't see very often! I have a photo week in review...
Emma and Cocoa sound asleep on the drive to our Chicago apartment. Poor Cocoa was really sick again but she is doing much better now!

This is my favorite restaurant when we head downtown! Yummy food and it's beautiful inside!

The pretty colored walls and lighting inside Uncle Julio's. I forgot to take a picture of the food...I was sooo hungry!

Heading towards Michigan Ave. Sooo many tall buildings!

Love all the architecture downtown!

This a photo of the first apartment we had. Hubby's boss was renting this pretty place and he was transferred back to Switzerland so his company took over the lease and let us rent it VERY inexpensively. We had the penthouse with a roof top patio! It was so cool...OH THE VIEW!!! Wish I had pictures!!!

We ended our week in Caseville, MI. We mostly relaxed and did some metal detecting. I found 28 cents and some polished glass, my parents found 89 cents and a kid's mood ring. We don't mind what we's really relaxing. The weather was perfect and the dogs had a blast too!
Hope you all had a marvelous long weekend too!!!! Next of the garden! I will be taking pics today! Have a great day!!!!


Dawn said...

HI Kim,

Thank you! Thank you! I'm so excited to have won. I am emailing you my address.

It sounds like you had quite a week. The picture of the first apartment you had is beautiful! I love the colors. What a treat it must have been to live there!

The metal detecting sounds fun.

take care,

Linda said...

The apartment building is so cute. I love the wrought iron and flowers. It looks so crisp and clean.
My Dad used to metal detect after his first set of heart attacks. Great exercise. He wasn't concerned about what he found iether but after a while, it became somewhat of a challenge. He found a set of the coins for each of us kids birth years and gave them to us one year for Christmas(1951,9153, 1955, 1956) And he made a wall hanging out of some his most unique finds. He loved that thing!!!! Thanx for stirring an old memory!

Angie said...

How sweet is that pic of the girls sleeping! Ohmigosh is that cute! That is a nice apt.. I can imagine how much it would cost to rent for someone brother's apt. is so dinky and it cost an arm and a leg! The joy of living in a big city, huh! I am so happy that you had some time with hubby and the parents. It has been chilly here all weekend..almost like Fall. I kinda like it though! I hope all is well with you..I have been thinkin about ya!

Love Ya Girlie! Angie

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh, the puppies look so cute sleeping in the car!

Sorry I've been away, Summer keeps me away from my computer-not that I mind. It's been HOT here, I think we may get rain today-my lawn will be happy. I hope you enjoyed your trip...I am planning some events here too...and in a few weeks my MIL is coming to stay for 2 weeks.


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I always think that people who live in other states get to downtown Chicago more than we who live close do. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Are those two little adorable dogs Bulldogs? French or English? Have a great Monday!


Hi Kim,
Congrat's to Dawn!! I was SURE that I was going to win the darling tote...
Does Coco get car sick? That is a cute pic of them sleeping :)
Chicago looks fun...I was there MANY years ago...before kids...I hardly remember it.
Glad you and hubby got away and enjoyed your time together.
Deb :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful weekend! I think that metal detecting (treasure hunting!) would be such fun! Loved seeing your sweet babies.:) Lori

That restaurant looks amazing!

Joy said...

Congrats to Dawn!

Look at that muzzle on Emma. I could just kiss it!

April said...

Hi Kim!
Big congrats to Dawn! Your puppies are so adorable! Our doxie doesn't travel well, either! I really have to visit Chicago sometime!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Hey Sweetie! I have swap partners posted on my blog, so please stop by!:) Lori

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Pretty pix! We've traveled to a lot of places, but have never made it to Chicago. Always wanted to though. I always think of 'While You Were Sleeping' and Oprah when I think of Chicago.
Glad you had a relaxing time.