Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrift Store Finds and Garden Pics

Hello!!! I felt the need to hit the thrift store today and I'm glad I did!!! I found the cutest hand painted daisy picture for $3, a salt shaker for 29 cents and a milk glass sugar and creamer set for 58 cents. They are all so cute! I had been striking out the last few times I had gone thrifting but had fun today!

Everything all together.
(Click to enlarge)
A close-up of the daisy print. I may spray paint the frame black.

An even closer shot so you can see the painting detail.
(Click to enlarge)

The salt shaker has a plastic yellow top and the glass is greenish, it says China on the bottom. I thought it would be cute filled with white and yellow buttons. :-)

A close-up of the the cream and sugar set. They are rimmed in gold. I'm not usually a gold person but I really do like these!
Here is a picture of how the garden is coming can mostly see the pumpkin plants. I will have to take a pic of the other side soon!
There are 6 pumpkin plants and it looks like we will have a good number of
pumpkins again this year.
Ok, I am off to craft. I have some things to make for the Berry Swap. Hope you're all having a great day!


April said...

Those really are some great treasures you found! Sure wish I had that kind of luck!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

The salt shaker is so cute - good buys.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Great finds! Have fun crafting- I wish I could join the fun!:) Lori


Hi Kim,
Kailee and I went garage saling today and also the thrift store and found some things...I'm so tired from "shopping" !!
Glad you found some treasures!
Deb :)

Angie said...

A daisy still my heart! You lucky duck you! I would paint the frame black or white..then it will really pop! I LOVE the sugar and creamer set, too...milk glass has such a quiet elegance to it. Wishing you a good week girlie!

LOvE Ya GiRliE!

Linda said...

Really nice painting.
The c&s look like fire king.
I had some decent luck myself this week.
I can't wait to see the pumpkins! I love to have all sizes of pumpkins but these days we can't afford such things. Next year, we will grow some.....

Gingerbread said...

What lovely finds and when I saw the daisy print I took a second look, because I have just knitted a daisy pincushion, how funny is that. What an unusual shape to the cream jug set, they are nice. best wishes Julie.C

Sincerely Yours said...

Morning Kim! You did find some good things this time! Love the milk glass and I think that picture would just be gorgeous w/black frame; really make those daisies pop! Hope you are doing well! Another day off of errands and running - Talk to you soon!!! Hugs, Jeannette

BellaDella said...

Wonderful, wonderful thrift store finds. The little daisy painting is great- I do think the frame would look great in black. Love to see your pumpkins doing well. Ours are huge and thriving. Can't wait to see what we end up with. Hope you have a great weekend!
The other Kim V. ;)

Wendy said...

Great finds! Love the shaker :)

And your pumpkins look great! I need to replant.

Joy said...

You must show us after you get the little shaker filled with the buttons. It's going to be so cute!

Judy said...

Great finds. I love the picture. I like the idea of painting the frame black too. Isn't it funny how we never find anything and then we find all sorts of goodies.

Judi said...

Hi Kim
You did very well thrifting...the black frame will go so well with the pretty flowers.
Love the cream and sugar bowl...
Halloween is going to be a good time at your place. So healthy!
have a lovely day

Tammy said...

You found some great items!I love the picture.

Michelle said...

Wow, can't believe what awesome bargains you found! I've been enjoying several successful thrifting trips lately, too :)

Have a wonderful day, Kim!

xo ~Michelle